Tournaments Illuminated Undergoes Renovation

Tournaments Illuminated is undergoing changes, and authors, photographers, and artists are needed.

While keeping the framework of articles and book reviews, new features are to include

Merry Tales
humorous and positive essays about life in the SCA
articles of 100 to 250 words in length on anything from converting a period recipe for a modern cook to a bit of research that is intriguing but not extensive enough to write 2200 words about
Medieval Destinations
a photojournal of medieval sites the world over
interesting/odd/humorous medieval site/artifact/SCA event with caption of up to 150 words. A good touchstone on the SCA photograph is if someone in another kingdom would find it intriguing.

Be sure to check out the revisions to TI’s website at for all the details, submission guidelines and editorial policies. The deadline for submissions for the summer issue is May 7, and the editor can be contacted at