Feast of Fools

Friends and Fools of the Outlands! The Barony of Dragonsspine invites one and all to join us for a day of revelry in celebration of our annual Feast of Fools.

The theme of this year's festivities is Camelot. Whether it be Monty Python or the musical by Frederick Loewe that grabs your interest, come dressed for play in your Camelot best.

Come, bring your personal and/or family arms to decorate our Hall's tables and walls! The day will be full of fun contests and games for all. Who can wear the tallest hat? And the Longest gown? How far can you walk? There will also be very entertaining Rapier & Armored Combat Tournaments. Especially for the children, there will be heraldry classes (i.e. permission to yell really loud!) which promise to amuse children of all ages.

In the evening, during a delicious feast, we will be holding our annual Court of Misrule. Their Royal Foolishnesses, Lord Ximon Yssuri Zaldu and Lady Dianna of the Tulips, will be presiding over an exceedingly Foolish Court. Anyone with Silly Award recommendations should contact them soon. At the end of their court will be the traditional Costume Pun contest. A great example would be a person in dressed as a hunk of pork carrying a sign that reads "For rent: $2". (Answer below). The winners of this contest will be crowned the new King & Queen of Misrule and will preside over the rest of the evening and the upcoming year.

Ute Pass Cultural Center
210 E. Midland
Woodland Park, CO

Site Fee $7 Feast Fee: $10
(Children 12 and under $3 site, $5 feast)
Checks payable to: SCA Inc. - Dragonsspine

Site is WET
No open flames

Autocrat: Lord Ximon Yssuri Zaldu (MKA: River Saddler)
Email: river_47 at hotmail dot com

Take I-25 to Colorado Springs. Exit US-24 West – exit 141 (Cimmaron St.) Take US24 West into the mountains to Woodland Park The Ute Pass Cultural Center is directly on US24, on the right, 18 miles from I-25.

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Barony of Dragonsspine (Woodland Park, Colorado)