More on Duke Jade of Starfall's Victory in West Crown Tournament

Duke Sir James Greyhelm reports that Duke Sir Jade of Starfall was victorious in the West Kingdom Crown Tournament, fighting for Countess Kaaren Haakonsdottir.

The tournament, which was held Sat., Mar. 24 in Red Bluff (Tehama Co.), CA (which, as near as can be told, lies just outside the Palatine Barony of Allyshia and the Shire of Ravenshore), consisted of around 70 fighters, 16 of whom were from the Kingdom of An Tir, including Duke Sir Tjorkill Kanne, Viscount Sir Vik Vikingsson, Viscount Sir Einar Vikingsson, Viscount Sir Durin Oldenmoor Tjorkilskin, Viscount Matheus Bane, Sir Arnsbjorn Tiernanson CuRigh and two of the three finalists, Sir Michael Richard the Tall and Graf Sir Berek von Langental.

Berek, fighting for Grafin Liesel von Langental, defeated Michael to advance to the final round against Jade, who was victorious.

"Jade and Berek had three good fights," Greyhelm said. "Jade won the first and, after some discussion, the second fight was refought, and Jade was again victorious. It was a well fought and honorable list by all. I truly enjoyed observing it. This is Duke Jade's fifteenth Crown win, and I am very proud of him."

The weekend's activities also included the inaugural Western Rapier Champion Tournament. 44 fighters entered the lists, with Blyde of the Black Tigers defeating Don Lazaraus Gauge, (recently of Northshield) in the final round.