North Oaken Regional Arts and Sciences Competition

North Oaken Regional Arts and Sciences Competition And Baronial Standard Bearer's Competition

April 21, 2007

Site opens at 9:30 am and closes at 7 pm

• Standard Bearer's Tournament Information •
The Champion d'arc competition will happen rain or shine, however there is no indoor space for rapier or Heavy Weapons so those competitions will happen outdoors at the discretion of the Marshals in charge. See the Activities page for more information.

• Fees •
There is no discount for pre-registering, however it is encouraged (save time at the Gate!). Entrants to the faire are also encouraged to pre-register what they are entering with our Judges Liason, Mistress Seanda so that we can recruit qualified judges for every entry. No entry fee for entering the faire!

Site fee: $3.50
Judge's Site fee: $2.00

Make checks payable to SCA - Barony of the Cleftlands. The only reservation is a paid reservation. Please note, Judges pre-registering please pay full site fee, you will be refunded your discount on site.

• Directions •
Grace Church, Willoughby (Lake Deanery)
36200 Ridge Road
Willoughby, OH 44094-4194

From the North East
Take your best route to Route 2 west toward Cleveland (if you are closer to Interstate 90, follow the "From the East" directions below). Exit at 91 SOM center road and head south.

From the East
Take your best route to Interstate 90 west toward Cleveland.

From the North West
Take your best route to Interstate 90 west toward Cleveland. (Note, from the North and near west you may wish to take Route 2 and join 90 after downtown Cleveland.)

From the South
Take your best route to 271 North toward Cleveland.

• Regional A&S Faire Information •
Brewing and Vinting and Cooking entries can be accomodated on site. Cooking entrants please contact the Lunch steward, Angharad, ahead of time to ensure that enough space is reserved in the kitchen for all cooking entrants. Cooking, costuming and performance entries will be scheduled. All entrants may request face to face judging on any entries.

The A&S Criteria is available on line at

• The Craftsperson's Faire •
Want to share your work without all the competition? Then the Craftsperson's Faire is the venue for you! All artisians are welcome to display their work for the populace at our Craftsperson's faire. Work does not have to include documentation and may be historic or SCA-culture related. A prize will be given based on populace vote. There are two prizes, one for the best adult entry: a pair of sturdy Viking chairs, finished and ready to carve or paint.

And a separate prize for the best youth entry: a Celtic fun kit with a CD ROM Location:
Barony of the Cleftlands (Willoughby, Ohio)