A Kid in King Roak’s Court

The Barony of Rising Waters is pleased to introduce the fourth Annual Children’s Fair in Ealdormere “A Kid in King Roak’s Court” Saturday, March 31, 2007, A.S. XL

Trinity United Church Hall
15 Pine Street S, Thorold, ON
L2V 3L1

Site opens: 9:00 a.m., Site Closes: 10:00 p.m.
By choice the event will be Dry.
No pets allowed - working animals only.

Site Only Fees:
$8.00 per adult (16 yrs +)
$4.00 per child (4 - 15 yrs)
children (4 -15 yrs)
Children 3 & under free.
*Non-member surcharge of $4.00 in effect.
Please make cheques payable to: “SCA - Barony of Rising Waters”.

Feast Fees:
Adults (16 yrs +) $10.00
Children (4-15 yrs) $5.00
Children 3 & under free.


  • Lunch counter
  • Soft drink Tavern
  • Feast (Limited to 80 people)
  • Misrule Court featuring children as Royalty for the day
  • Basket Raffles

Main Schedule of Events
Youth Boffer: Minor Combat Boffer activities from 10:00 am til 5:00 pm. New authorizations will be done as well New authorizations will be done as well.

Event Functions: All the regular activities or functions that occur at our regular events will be supervised by adults, but assisted by children/youths so that they can learn how everything works. This means Troll, Feast, Lunch Counter, Tavern, Court Heralding, Servers and Youth Shoppe. Children or youths (and parents) are encouraged to pre-register in the function they are interested in. These will be divided into shifts of an hour. Please contact Contesse Genevieve to pre-register.

Youth Shoppe:. There will be a Youth Shoppe where donated items are put out for sale by the children for the children. All items will be marked $5.00 and under. If you have any donations, please contact Lady Rose. There will be very limited space for additional merchants. However, merchants must have items specifically designed for children (toys, garb, games, books, etc) All merchants interested are to apply to Lady Rose by March 15th, 2007. Children interested in learning how to merchant in the SCA can sign up for a shift at the Youth Shoppe.

Classes/Workshops: There will be five sessions of classes offered throughout the day starting at 10:00 a.m. and ending at 4:00 p.m. Classes will be 45 minutes in duration, unless otherwise posted. These will all be designed for children 4 years and older. Some classes are divided up into age divisions. Pre-registration for classes strongly encouraged. Classes on Heraldry, Dance, Scribal Arts, Crafts, Sewing and more. A few classes may have a materials fee. Some classes have limits. (Parents are welcome in most classes.) Watch the website for more information. We are still looking for more volunteers to teach. Please contact the Autocrats to pre-register for all classes or if you would like to teach a class.

Youth Royalty: Youth Royalty for the day will be chosen by a name draw. The king and queen will be chosen from the 10-17 year olds, the prince and princess will be chosen from boys & girls 4 - 9 years. We will also draw names for entourage. Those children wishing to put their names in are encouraged to register early and no later than 10:30 am on the day. The names will be drawn at 11:00 in order to install the Royalty at Noon. The Royalty will then rule the day and hold their court after feast.

Scavenger Hunt: There will be a scavenger hunt of sorts for the children. Participants are to collect stamps on their schedule sheets by attending classes and helping out at the various event stations. The children with the highest number of stamps will win a token.

Event Stewards:
Contesse Genevieve Chastellain
(Jennifer Johnson)

Feast Steward:
Baroness Rosalinda Margareta

Tear Down Manager:
Baroness Ariadne Athingani
email: captfaz@sympatico.ca

Grown Up Keeper:
Lord Gyric of Otershaghe

Lady Jeanna ap Keane
(Jennifer Etty)

DIRECTIONS: From Hamilton and points West take the QEW Niagara towards St. Catharines. Take Hwy 406, Exit 49 towards Thorold/Welland/Port Colborne. Follow the 406 for approx 6 miles past Glendale exit, and take the exit for Hwy 58 Thorold. Take the second exit, Pine Street and turn left onto Pine Street. **Just past the 4-way stop at Sullivan Avenue, the church will be on your left hand side. Take the first driveway and follow around to the back parking lot. Additional parking on the streets.

From the South & East - take the QEW towards St. Catharines. Just after Niagara Falls, take Exit 32B, Thorold Stone Road W exit, and turn left onto Thorold Stone Road. Follow for approx 3.5 miles and it turns into Hwy 58N. Follow through the Thorold Tunnel. Just after tunnel, take Pine Street Exit and turn right onto Pine. Follow from ** above.

http://ealdormere.sca.org/risingwaters/event-childrens2007.html Location:
Barony of Rising Waters (Thorold, Ontario)