Fools' War

Follow the call of the doumbeks and direct your camel towards the desert lands! Raid the Kasbah, battle for Megiddo, or assume the powers of Egyptian deities in our Friday tournament. Enjoy rapier fighting, equestrian activities, youth combat, children's activities, archery, live weapons, classes, shopping, a scavenger hunt, multiple nights of various revels, and much more!

Site: Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area, Sandy Beach Park
Macon, Georgia

Lady Ciorsdan Lynn Andersoun (Amy Mcleod-Hughes)

Fees: Thursday through Sunday: $12
Friday through Sunday: $10
Saturday & Sunday: $8
Non-members add $3.
Make checks payable to SCA Inc., Shire of Tir Briste.
As always, children under 12 get FREE ADMISSION to Tir Briste events!

The Cat and Badger Tavern will be available to quell your stomach rumblings with hot and tasty meals! This year's menu can be accessed here.

Sol Haven will be hosting a White Elephant Sale in Merchant Row. Come buy some elephants!

Site Rules

  1. Participants must make an effort at pre-17th century clothing.
  2. Wear your site token! These will be issued at Troll, and you must show said token at the gate for re-entry.
  3. No illegal substances.
  4. No firearms (including cannons) or fireworks.
  5. The legal drinking age in Georgia is 21. Please observe the Law! Anyone giving alcohol to a minor will be expelled from site. Minors' tokens will be marked appropriately.
  6. Leashed pets are welcome, but no exotic animals, please.
  7. Swimming is allowed in the lake, but please do not let your children swim unattended.
  8. The site is discreetly wet. No glass containers, please.

Fire Safety

  1. Tiki torches must be staked in a stable fashion, at least ten feet from tents.
  2. Ground fires are only permitted if you sign the request list at Information Point. Only one per camp site is allowed, and it must be recovered Sunday, with sod replaced in "golf course" fashion. Ground fires also must be at least ten feet from tents.
  3. No unattended fires! Security is authorized to extinguish fires that are unattended.

Regarding Children
In accordance with Meridian Law, children under the age of twelve must be in sight or sound range of a parent or other designated adult or teen. In other words, kids must be attended! Disregard for this rule will result in expulsion from the site.

Please pay serious attention to this Law - we do take it seriously and will enforce it. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse - signs will be posted! A curfew will also be in effect.

Be aware that the Law about attended children applies everywhere on site, including activities - you must sign your children in and out. Likewise, children under twelve must be with a parent to swim in the lake.

Please remember, while there are children's activities planned, these activities are NOT a babysitting service. Be considerate of those who give their time to work with your children, and consider giving an hour of assistance, if you are able.

To reach Sandy Beach Park from the north or south:
Directions: Off I-475 in Macon, GA (which is off I-75 running south from Atlanta and north from Valdosta), take GA 74 west (Exit 5). Go straight through the first red light, at Tucker/Heath Roads. Turn left on Moseley-Dixon Road, the next left after the light, about 500 ft. Go two miles, then turn left into Sandy Beach Park. Signs will be posted.

To reach Sandy Beach Park from the east (I-16):
Directions: Take I-75 South from I-16. Take GA 74 west at Exit 163, and continue on this road past Bloomfield Road and Columbus Road, and over I-475. About 500 feet past the intersection of 74 and Tucker/Heath Roads (first red light after I-475), take the next left, Moseley-Dixon Road. Go two miles, then turn left into Sandy Beach Park. Location:
Shire of Tir Briste (Macon, Georgia)