A Report from the Gulf Wars Equestrian Steward

Mu'allemah Yaasamiin al-Raqqasa al-'Alaa'iiyiyya, Society Equestrian Officer, reports on equestrian activities at the recent Gulf Wars, including classes and a grand parade.

Dear Friends, GWXVI has come & gone, & so many thanks to everyone who helped to make it so much fun.The credit goes to the Team who made this event happen- Lord Ingolf who was the MIC, Sir Wulfric- Cavalry & Heavy Combat, Lady Elisanda who ran IKEqC & the Challenge Course, and Eachna, who oversaw the classes, and Lady Chiere who helped in so many ways. I can't let this time pass without acknowledging my Lord Richard's patience in losing me to the computer screen these last 6weeks, plus helping to load & set up all the stuff. Thanks to the many folks who helped to marshal, groundcrew, etc to keep things running.

We had 86 riders attending, & 34 horses brought on site, besides the rentals. As Sir Wulfric mentioned, we had many activities. We did mounted archery, which was fun! Lord Aleyn & the archers were great in setting up for us. The Opening Procession was beautiful in seeing the Royalty from the Known World in Their glory, and no incidents- hurrah! Trimaris provided a sumptuous breakfast for the Crowns, entourage & handlers prepared by Lady Doe & her staff. It was so bountiful , that we had lots left for the Equestrian Social later in the week (which was a hit). We had 24 riders run IKEqC, with Sir Henri winning the Advanced division, Mistress Hyrrokin, the intermediate, & Lady Rosalinda, the beginner division. The Meridian Challenge Course was won by Lady Rhiannon of Confed. The Emprise of the Athanor (in memory of Master Johannes) was superbly hosted by the Lance of St. Anne and an heraldic spectacle. Her Grace Duchess Angharad triumphed on the field (who would have thought my little Cody had it in him- he must have been inspired by his lovely rider), and Lady Lorraine as named the Prime Equus.

We held a parade which was a Timeline of History emphasizing the development of Cavalry through the ages- come on late period folks next year! The opening of the Field battle was a mounted melee a la Braveheart- it was awesome! Lord Ingolf has been working tirelessly along with Sir Wulfric since they first got heavy mounted combat approved last GW, to make this a reality- they have changed the face of SCA Equestrian by opening vistas that have only been a dream.Thanks to His Majesty Gunther for leading not only our troops, but in SCA Equestrian, along with Sir Wulfric, Duke Maximillian, Sir Richard, Sir Lex, Sir Alexis, Sir Henri, Sir Gideon, Lady Bridgett!We did the Hastings display which was such a hoot, we did the cavalry charge several times! Thanks to Sir Wulfric for his infinite patience in training his troops. Let's hear it for the WWW! The Conroi mounted melee was won by Sir Wulfric & Lord Orlson.

Classes held included History of Tack, Use of the Aids, Bits & Bitting, Equine First Aid, Barn Safety, & Basic Horsemanship. Congratulations as Sir Wulfric said to Elisenda for her Argent Lance & to Lady Chiere for her Golden Lance- well deserved. This whole event couldn't have been possible with out the help of so many people that I can't even name them all. It was a great week, & I hope those of you folks who couldn't make it this year, will make a date to ride with us next year to make it even better. Pax, Ellawin

Mu'allemah Yaasamiin al-Raqqasa al-'Alaa'iiyiyya OL, OP
Society Equestrian Officer