Report from West Kingdom Crown Tournament

Jade of Starfall, inspired by Kaaren Hakonsdottir, was the winner of the March 24, 2007 Crown Tourney in the Kingdom of the West, one of the highlights of a weekend-long event which also featured the first Western Rapier Champion Tourney

Artos reports that the Wreath of Chivalry went to Berek von Langental and the Wreath of Valor to Eyvandr. At the same event, Eyvandr Gunarson, Rorik Skogan and Eric von Roosebeck were all offered admittance to the Order of Chivalry. Eric von Roosebeck was knighted on Sunday in the presence of his knight, Duke Garick who is scheduled to depart the Kingdom for Drachenwald. Richard de Camville was also "admitted to the Order of the Silver Mantle for his awesome appearance on the field."

Sunday of the event also saw the first ever Western Rapier Champion Tourney. 44 fencers took part with top honors going to Blyde of the Black Tigers over Don Lazarus Gauge.

Congratulations to all on a memorable event!