French re-enactor shares armor research

On his website, French re-enactor Bernhardt de Teyssonnière (his period name) shares photos of his armor as well as the sources he used for his research.

Armor and accessories shown include a helmet, greaves, scabbard and spurs. Bernhardt is a member of Fief & Chevalerie 1180-1280, a group that researches the age's "culture: military, civil, or religious equipment."

The site is in French with English translation available.

From the same web site

Hi everybody,
Let me introduce you our last article that we have published on our web site. It is about informations and reenacting of a knight of the Order of Saint John of the Hospital of Jerusalem 12th-13th century.
As usual, click on the flag above the article to get the translation.

Note: If you have friends in Poland, you can share this link with him because this article is also translated into Polish. ;o)

I hope that it will interest you. Other articles with their translations are yet to come (Civilian woman dress, Siculo-Norman knight, etc.) I will be glad to tell you when and to share those news with all of you. ;o)
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