SCA Fighters Take on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

A photo of SCA fighters faced off against a group of Mounties in riot gear has been making the rounds. See more. For several years, a group of RCMP in the Riot Training Program have taken the opportunity to train with their local SCA group's armored fighters.

Andrew Barrett writes on

"Okay, you know about the SCA, right? You also know about the RCMP? Well tonight a friend of mine who heartily enjoys fighting in the SCA came over after an event they just held with the RCMP. It turns out that for the past few years our local contingent of RCMP have been doing riot control training with the local SCA contingent as antagonists. That's right, they all armour up and beat each other with sticks. Apparently this is the biggest turnout event for the local SCA chapter ever---nothing else draws in remotely the same crowd as the opportunity to (fight local cops). The police in turn very much appreciate the chance to get beat up a lot by people with vastly more experience in the beating up with sticks department.

I sincerely believe they ought to sell tickets to this.

Look ye and be amazed."

(originally posted to an unidentified Baronial list by Andrew Barrett and re-posted on the Trimaris list)