A Sworded Affaire

Sworded Affaire has fallen into the hands of the 7 Heavenly Virtues and the 7 Deadly Sins. This day will offer a few A & S classes for those who wish not to fight, Classes such as “Navigation by the Stars”,and “How would you really die?”.

Three tournaments and possibly a melee or two held by Don Govanen Blackwell for those who are all about the fighting, Tournaments such as “Epee only”, “Schlager only”, and a “Burning Deck Tourney”

A wonderful donation lunch will be offered during the day prepared by Dama Theresa Youlanda Cabeza De Vaca. (Approx noon) There will be a vegetarian dish offered as well. You think the day looks to be outstanding; just wait for you won’t believe what the night has to offer. There will be a delectable sideboard feast (serve yourself), heart racing dancing, surprises, mischief, fun and so much revelry that you will not want to leave.

With this said, all that there is left to do is mark your calendar, pack your blades. figure out what side you will be fighting for, and come out to the far eastern borders of al-Barran to have some fun!!

The official schedule will be as follows:
8:30 am Site opens
9:30 am Opening Court*
10:00 am Blades and Blood Wounds of the Rapier (class)
Rapier List Opens
10:30 am "Epee Only" Tourney
11:00 am Period Undergarments (class)
12:00 pm Donation Lunch
1:00 pm Star Navigation (class)
"Schlager Only"(Heavy Rapier)Tourney
2:00 pm How to Make Fencer Garb if you are a non-fencer (class)
2:30 pm "Burning Deck" Tourney
3:00 pm Throat Singing (class)
4:00 pm "Rapier Melee"
6:00 pm Closing Court*
Revelry and Feasting to Follow
11:00 pm Site Closes

* May be subject to change

Lady Isabella al-Harith, Ramona Apodoca

Lady Bronwen Blackwell
Lady Kimberly Blackwood

Feast Coordinator:
Lady Tessa Elizabeth Deuxdavant de Strathairn

Lunch Coordinator:
Dama Theresa Youlanda Cabeza De Vaca


From al-Barran (Albuquerque), go EAST on I-40 for 29.3 miles from Tramway. Take exit 196 for Moriarity (Howard Cavasos). At the stop sign turn right heading SOUTH. At the stop light turn right heading WEST for .25 miles to Broadway. Turn left (SOUTH) on Broadway.(There will be an MVD sign just before Broadway). The large building on the left (EAST) is the Moriarity Civic Center.

Site opens: Mar 31st -9am Site closes: Mar 31st – 11pm

Moriarty Civic Center
202 Broadway
Moriarty, New Mexico 87035

No animals please. Location:
Barony of al-Barran (Moriarty, New Mexico)