Tournament of Chivalry and Baronial Investiture

The Barony of Nottinghill Coill invites one and all to attend the fourth Tournament of Chivalry and Baronial Investiture on 21 April 2007, in Bennetsville, SC. Come join us as the young adults of Atlantia host a day of tournaments to celebrate martial prowess, chivalry and the investiture of Nottinghill Coill’s new baronage.

As the focus of martial activities, Atlantia's Knights shall challenge any who would face them on the tournament field in a variety of weapons forms. A small area shall also be available for those who wish to ply their skills outside of the tournament. Though no points will be kept during the tournament, Her Majesty and her Ladies will be casting watchful eyes upon the field, and taking particular interest in chivalric acts. Prizes shall be awarded for valor and prowess.

All gentles are encouraged to display their talents in the Arts and Sciences competitions, which will include; Best Field Presence, Period Depictions of Knighthood and a Bardic performed & static on the subject of chivalry.

Saturday evening will boast a feast crafted by Talun Mac Dubhagain.

The Site is the beautiful and verdant Camp Sandy Ridge (Girl Scouts of America) 3681 Girl Scout Road, Bennettsville, SC 29512.

Site Restrictions: The site is DRY. Smoking is prohibited except in designated areas. Fires in approved fire circles only. No pets are allowed on site. The Site opens at 5pm Friday, April 20th and closes at 12:00 noon on Sunday, April 22nd.

Merchants are welcome.

Feast space is limited, so please reserve early!
Please use our Online Reservation System to make your Reservations an easy task!

Site Fee / Camping / Feast
Adult Member $8 / $7 / $7
Adult Non-Member $11 / $7 / $7
Child Age 6-17 $4 / $4 / $3.50
Child 5 and under $0 / $1 / $0

Reservations: Please make checks payable to Canton of Cyddlain downs, SCA, Inc. Send to Lord Wilhelm der Schwartze Leopard (William Rust) Email:

Lord Wilhelm der Schwartze Leopard (William Rust),
Teen autocrat is Narumi Rakeshe.

From I - 95, points South / East: Take Exit 193 (Hwy 9) towards Bennettsville. In Bennettsville {22.8 miles from I-95}, Hwy 9 "bypass" will turn LEFT for 2 miles, then turn RIGHT for 2 miles, then turn LEFT at the Huddle House {27.0 miles from I-95} , staying on Hwy 9 towards Cheraw. Turn RIGHT on Ebenezer Road {32.5 miles from I-95}, where there will be a water tower on your left and a church on your right. Camp Sandy Ridge is 3.3 miles on your RIGHT.

From 1-95, points North: In North Carolina, take exit 14 (Hwy 74) west towards Laurinburg. Approx. 26 miles from I-95 (just before 74 bypass rejoins 74 business), take Hwy 79 south/west until you reach Hwy 9 just outside Bennettsville, SC {approx. 17 miles} . Turn RIGHT on Hwy 9, then turn RIGHT again at the water tower onto Ebenezer Road. Camp Sandy Ridge is 3.3 miles on the RIGHT.

From I-20: Take Exit 116 (Hwy 15) North through Hartsville, to Society Hill {36 miles}. In Society Hill, follow Hwy 401 towards Bennettsville (NOT Hwy 52, which bears left). Turn LEFT on Hwy 912 {7 miles north of Society Hill}. The turn will be immediately before the crest of a small hill where a small gray building stands. Continue 8 miles until you reach Hwy 9. Turn LEFT on Hwy 9 and RIGHT on Ebenezer Road, with the water tower on your left and the church on your right. Camp Sandy Ridge is 3.3 miles on your RIGHT.

From Charlotte, and points West / Northwest: Take Hwy 74 East to Wadesboro, NC. Turn RIGHT on Hwy 52 South to Cheraw, SC. Turn LEFT on Hwy 9 East towards Bennettsville. Turn LEFT on Ebenezer Road {approx. 9 miles} at the water tower. SCA signs will be posted. Please observe posted speed limits along secondary roads. Location:
Barony of Nottinghill Coill (Bennettsville, South Carolina)