Conference of the Armour Research Society 2007

The Armour Research Society is bringing together some of the finest minds in the field of arms and armour research from both the United Stated and Europe . For 2007, we are congregating in London at The Wallace Collection, Hertford House.

Conference of the Armour Research Society 2007

March 31 – April 1, 2007

The Wallace Collection
Hertford House
Manchester Square
United Kingdom

March 31:

  • Alan Williams, PhD - Recent Metallurgical Studies on Ulfberht Sword Blades - "Oriental Steel in Viking Swords"
  • Ralph Moffat - The Manner of Arming the Knight for the Tournament: A Reappraisal of an Important Early-Fourteenth Century Tournament Treatise
  • Jan-Piet Puype - "Amour in a Dutch Context" or "Armour in the Legermuseum, Delft " (working titles)
  • Peter Johnsson - "Manufacturing of Swords"
  • Douglas Strong - "Similarities in Surving Examples of 14th Century Helmets"

April 1:

  • Fabrice Cognot - "Armour of the Dukes of Burgundy", as based on existing effigies
  • Matthew Strickland, PhD - "God and our archers made them stumble": Assessing the effectiveness of longbowmen in medieval warfare
  • Matt Easton - "Specialized dueling weapons in the middle ages"
  • Tobias Capwell, PhD - Tour of the Wallace galleries

Tickets will be limited to the first 100 attendees.

Please contact Brian at +001. 815.575.1060 if you would like to purchase tickets via wire transfer, credit card by phone or an alternative method.

Please feel free to contact Brian W. Rainey or Ralph Snel If you have any questions regarding the conference plans or would like to present a suggestion. Location:
Armour Research Society (London, England)