Lochac Midwinter Coronation

What: Bid farewell to Lochac's retiring monarchs and welcome our new King and Queen in grand style and architectural splendour with inspiring music, roaring fires, an excellent, hearty feast prepared by the Peerless Kitchen, a high ball and some remarkable entertainment. We're calling in favours and pulling out all stops to ensure you will never find a more fitting opportunity to wear your best and warmest Elizabethan...

Where: Several remarkable venues in Christchurch, New Zealand, the neo-gothic capital of the Southern Hemisphere. These include the Great Hall of the Arts Centre, the manor-like Sign of the Takahe, garden and river walkways and an A&S, market and peerage-meeting venue to die for.

How much: Between $NZ30 and $77 per adult (early bird prices), depending on which food and transport options you select. Accommodation is not included, but much billeting will be on offer for travellers and low-cost, close-at-hand accommodation options abound. BOOKINGS ARE OPEN until June 15, 2007; book early for lower prices (next increase point: May 16th). $A pricing is on the booking form and $A cheques are accepted.

The Vision
At mid-morning, a Grand Company assembles in the quadrangle of the neo-gothic Arts Centre, gaily clad in sumptuous robes of past times – Elizabethan courtiers, Plantagenet knights, fierce Viking warriors and lovely Italian maidens cluster around the stone cloisters where silken flags wave.

A fanfare sounds and the company processes into the magnificent timbered Great Hall for a solemn ceremony, in which the current Monarchs farewell their court and their populace, in preparation for surrendering their throne.

The Crown Prince and Princess arrive, and the Coronation of the new King and Queen proceeds, with music and merriment.

The company strolls through the Botanic Gardens, their path strewn with rose petals and serenaded by musicians, to arrive at the nearby Horticultural Hall, where a sumptuous late afternoon Feast will be served.

The feasting finished, the company returns once more, in merry parties following lantern-bearing guides along the riverbank, to the Great Hall.

There will be held the First Court of Their Majesties, followed by a High Ball accompanied by live musicians, a late light supper, and themed entertainments, including one of a Very Special Nature.

The following morning, Their Majesties meet with the Peers of the Realm to discuss matters of state in the beautiful library of the historic Our City Otautahi building.

Meanwhile, Our City’s large Debating Chamber houses an arts and sciences display and a market, with room left over for music and dancing to while away the time.

From there, everyone journeys to the hills, where Her Majesty hosts a Queen’s High Tea in the richly-decorated baronial manor-house of the Sign of the Takahe, overlooking the broad plains of Southron Gaard and looking out to the snow-covered alps in the distance.

The Queen's Champion Tourney is held on the garden green outside, with knights and valiant fighters vying to catch her Majesty’s eye and be selected as her Champion, as the populace picnics and cheers them on.

Booking Deputy
Lady Elizabetta Foscari
Email: cobooking@sg.sca.org.nz

Event Stewards:
H.E. Bartholomew Baskin
H.E. katherine kerr
Email: coronation@sg.sca.org.nz

Bookings are open and will close June 15, 2007; book early for lower prices. Any questions? Contact the stewards.

For those travelling from afar, see also: Advice for Far Travellers to Canterbury Faire, which includes some helpful information which may be relevant.

http://southrongaard.sca.org.nz/events/coronation/ Location:
Barony of Southron Gaard (Christchurch, New Zealand)