Sotleties and Subtleties Display at Midrealm Coronation

In honor of Their Most Royal Majesties Dag and AnneMarie, a display will be held at their Coronation featuring and promoting the art, science, and craft of Sotelties and Subtleties.

All citizens are invited to participate in a display of such works of Sotleties and Subtleties as they might devise and bring to the Coronation on Saturday, April 28th, AS XXXXI (2007 CE). The Coronation is sponsored by The Baronies of the Roaring Wastes and North Woods.

For the purposes of this display, items should be able to be placed on a table and sit out all day without benefit of being heated or cooled. Imaginative pieces that celebrate the history or glories of the Midrealm are welcome. Documentation is appreciated but not required.