Aquaterra All Champions Pictures Online

Piers the Deaf shares a chronicle and a photo album from the All Champions event held recently at the Barony of Aquaterra, in An Tir.

The All Champions event was a wet one as the Barony of Aquaterra lived up to its name. However, there was a wonderful turnout and intense competition between the challengers as they battled to be Champions of Aquaterra. The "original article" link below goes to the photo album.

In the end the victors were:

Champion Heavily Armored Combatant: Sir Godric ap Rhys
This very gracious gentleman is the person who brought his household to Banner War in September and camped along the ponds and streams making a wondrous heraldic show in black and gold. We are pleased to number him among our champions.

Champion Rapier Combatant: HL Durant Ramberti Caiaphas
We are most pleased to have a Gallant of our Sergeantry stand as champion of the rapier for this year.

Champion Archer: HL Geoffroi FitzGeorge
It is an honor to welcome this gentleman into the ranks of our champions. It has been a year or so since he held this title, but he has done us proud in the past in this position.

Champion Marksman: Lady Romy of Monserrat
For the very first time Aquaterra welcomes a lady marksman into the ranks of champion. She prevailed with a score of 102! Huzzah!

Champion of the Arts and Sciences: Lord Skallagrim "steinn bíta" Grimkjellson
We were very impressed with the skills and knowledge of this young man who prevailed in a very competitive field. The point spread between the contestants was very close when the judging was through.

Champion of the Bardic Arts: Lord Daði Mánaskröggr Vébrandsson
Here is proof positive that the place to go when the sun descends is to the bardic fire at House Meðelstede. The competition for this position was extremely close – a point spread of only 25 points – with both contestants giving stellar performances.

Champion of the Games: HL Tacye Maple
Our vivacious Herbal Guildmistress was brave enough to step forward and face the gentle arts of the games. We congratulate her and welcome her into the ranks of our champions for the coming year.