Viking Age journal online

Ceinan of House Kraken reports that the November 2000 edition of the archaeological journal Acta Archaeologica is available online. The issue is dedicated to articles on the Viking Age.

Articles included in the issue are:

  • Raids, migrations and kingdoms: the Danish Case - Ulf Nusman
  • Ribe in the 8th and 9th century: a contribution to the archaeological chronology of North Western Europe - Claus Feveile & Stig Jensen
  • The Eastern Limfjord in the Germanic Iron Age and the Viking Period: internal structures and external relations - Peter Birkedahl & Erik Johansen
  • The early Viking Age in Norway - Bjornn Myhre
  • Ireland's early Viking-Age silver hoards: components, structure and classification - John Sheehan
  • The Millhill burial in context: artifact, culture, and chronology in the "Viking West" - Stephen H. Harrison
  • Viking Age ringed pins from Denmark - Thomas Fanning
  • Viking settlement in Shetland: chronological and regional contexts - Steffen Stummann Hansen
  • Miniature Quern and millstones from Shetland's Scandinavian past - Steffen Stummann Hansen & Anne-Christine Larsen
  • The Scandinavian contribution to the development of the Kingdom of Scotland - Barbara E. Crawford
  • Vikings in the British Isles: the place-name evidence - Gillian Fellows-Jensen
  • Scandinavian settlement in England: the archaeological evidence - R. A. Hall
  • Some aspects of Viking research in France - Anne Nissen Jaubert
  • Colonization: Greek & Viking - Klavs Randsborg