Congratulations to Mistress Bridget Greywolf, OL

Bridget Greywolf was recently elevated to a Companion of the Laurel by Their Royal Majesties of Drachenwald. Genevieve la flechiere offers a chronicle of the elevation ceremony.

From the quill of Genevieve la flechiere:

I write to congratulate Bridget Greywolf on her elevation to Companion of the Laurel this past weekend, at the dance event in Meadowmarsh.

Her own Laurel, Master Master Harold von Auerbach, who she contracted to as an apprentice eleven years ago, had the privilege of releasing her from her indenture, and asking Their Majesties to elevate her.

At court, Countess Honor spoke of this lady's courtesy, and great generosity of heart, and her many skills, some that she herself may not even know of. She declared Bridget her peer.

Sir John Peregrine spoke of her chivalry, and recounted a story of Bridget's demonstration of her martial skills on him...that were perhaps a bit out of practice, in favour of the scribal ones. He declared her his peer.

Master Harold was pleased to recount of how, when they both lived in the East Kingdom, a younger Bridget pestered him with questions about the scribal arts, until he finally offered her an apprenticeship to formalize their roles as teacher and student. He insisted, however, that she had now surpassed him, and was his peer.

Mistress Caitrin O'Sullivan spoke of her service - which many of us know of, particularly as kingdom signet - and how greatly she had enriched our kingdom, and acknowledged her an equal and Peer.

Master Harold provided a medallion, given to him to pass on to 'the right person' - and he judged it well given that day. He also provided the scroll, a work of great detail, beauty and splendour, clearly worked with love and affection.

Mistress Nerissa de Saye, a fellow Companion in the scribal arts, presented Bridget with a short lined cloak of green wool, embellished by her own hand with couched-gold laurel leaves.

This elevation was met with great acclaim by the populace. Few, I feel, could dispute this lady's skills, worth and contribution that their Majesties Maximilian and Marguerite chose to recognize.

I was pleased, and humbled, to be a witness to these events.

For Mistress Bridget - vivat, vivat, vivat!

For the wisdom of their Majesties - vivat, vivat, vivat!