Fool's Revel

Fools rush in, Fools rush out…but not fast enough it seems! Come join us in the foolish revelry of the coming spring on Saturday April 14th. Help us choose the new reigning Fool of Winter’s Gate; celebrate our fighter’s prowess as they compete for the title of Champion of the College of St. Boniface; eat, drink and be merry!

Activities include a competition for Silliest Garb (use any materials but make it as period looking as possible…i.e.: blue tarp Viking), Silly Hat (Make a Fool’s Hat…Be creative!), and a competition for period side dishes (documentation requested please).

At Noon there will be a “Servant for a Day” fundraiser auction. Come early and bid on those crazy souls who are willing to give their service to you for the good of the Barony. Chose your favorite to peel grapes for you, to lug your heavy gear around or just to stand around and wave a fan over your head. Come add funds to the coffers while having a goodly bit of fun.

There will also be a heavy tournament held at 2pm (armoring at 1pm sharp please) for the Champion of the College of St Boniface. Fighters, come challenge yourself on the field of battle in honor of your consort and for your College and Barony.

The challenge for the current Fool and any wanna-be fool is a Bardic one and will be held during dinner. Foolish Aspirants will draw three words from a hat and “compose” a silly tale, song, or poem (or any other mode the challenger wishes to use) using those words, and in the spirit of March Crown, an “AaRGH!”. Winner will be chosen by the Baroness and will get the dubious pleasure of reigning as the court Fool for the next year. This is a hard challenge as our reigning fool has high hopes and strong will for maintaining her hat!

Dinner is potluck style, so please bring a dish to share that will feed at least 8. Use this as a chance to try out that period recipe you’ve wanted to make; you know you want to! Dinner will be held at 6pm. The kitchen is VERY TINY and is not good for cooking, just reheating. There are plug ins for crock-pots though. Please be aware that the site is DRY. No alcohol please.

Bardic will follow dinner, so please bring your songbooks. Dancing is possible if there is enough interest.

Site Information: The site is the Boy Scout office at 1400 Gillam Way. Site opens at 10am and closes at 9pm. Site fee is $5 for members, $8 for non-members, ages 8 and up. Family rates are available; please contact the Autocrat for details.

Autocrat: Lady Margery Garret (Michele Griffin) Location:
Barony of Winter's Gate (Fairbanks, Alaska)