Viking Research Available Online

Martin Rundkvist, Swedish archaeologist and expert on Viking grave excavations, has made two ebooks of his Viking research available online. For over one hundred years, archaeologists have been excavating a massive Viking graveyard in Gotland, Sweden. The site contains over 6000 graves dating from the birth of Christ to the late 11th century. Now Martin Rundkvist, one of the foremost researchers of the site, has made available two ebooks of his research free in PDF format. These are illustrated with maps and drawings of the artifacts from the Iron Age throughout the Viking era.

Additional material on Viking sites on Gotland may be found at:

And for information on the Frojel Gotlandica Viking Re-enactment Society visit the website at


If anyone wishes to find out more about Frojel, let me know, as they are just down the road from me here in the Barony of Stormhold, Kingdom of Lochac (Melbourne, Australia). e've done collaborative workshops in horn working and casting with them.

Gwynfor Lwyd, OP, Baron Stormhold