Daffodil Tournament

On the 24th of March AS 41 (2007) in the Barony of Seagirt (Victoria, BC), the populace will gather to celebrate 30 years of the Defender's of Seagirt.

We will celebrate and remember the great times from the first official days of the Shire of Seagirt in the Principality of An Tir, in the Kingdom of the West in 1977 through into the present day Barony of Seagirt in the Principality of Tir Righ, in the Kingdom of An Tir.

This event will also mark the choosing of our 30th Defender. It is hoped that as many ex-Seagirtians and previous Defenders as possible will make this journey to celebrate with us. A grand party will be held to celebrate and rejoice. Dances will happen during the evening. The evening festivities will included a licenced tavern and a buffet sideboard. Come shop at our merchants, enjoy the tournaments or the grand courts.

The site is the traditional site at the Saanich Fairgrounds 1528 Stelly's X Rd, Victoria BC

Adults $15 ($13 USD)
Students 13-17 $10 ($9 USD)

Site pre setup is Friday at 6 pm to 8 pm.

Site opens at 8 am Saturday.

Armoured Combat
The armoured combat will be a double ellimination tournament. Round 1 will be a challenge round. The remainder of the rounds will be losers v.s. losers and winners v.s. winners until the final rounds. This style is designed for several purposes. 1) Mediocre fighters have a slight advantage to go further after having their first loss. 2) The winner v.s. winner fights provide for a much more exciting venue for the spectators.

Target Archery!
First, we will have a qualifying contest in the form of a Royal Round. The four highest scores will determine which archers move on to the next step. These four archers will then compete in two other contests: a Daffodil shoot, and a grouping test. The archery range will open at 1:00 pm for equipment inspection and practice, with the Tournament beginning at 2:00 pm.

Good Luck. May your aim be true.

Rapier Combat
Fencing at Daffodil will be a foppish French format. We will have four single elimination tourneys each designed to showcase one style of rapier combat. Specifically, these include sword and open hand, sword and cloak, sword and baton, and sword and dagger. Please take care to note the lack of buckler combat. After a victor has risen from the ranks in each area, the four will fair against each other in a fifth single elimination tourney bearing the arms that they are representing. The final two will tackle each other in best two of three - more dramatic that way.

The fights will be selected per challenge format, so that people can single out those with whom they have never fought. Double kills are self-explanatory, unless at the very end of a tourney in which case a refight is called for. If someone wins more than one style they must select the combination that he or she wishes to represent, with the other going to the next best contestant.

New rules for this tourney: it's late/post period, French tournament style; therefore, no blade grabbing, no cuts of any description, and the only valid target area is the torso.

That's it. Bring your accessories and your lisps. Silly French salute is optional.

Day Food
Come One, Come All, Come and Eat at the Essex Eatery! Don't bring a lunch, don't even bring breakfast! The Essex Eatery will be open from the time the gates open until right before the last court (before the feast).

Starting on Feb. 26 until March 16, I will be taking pre-paid advanced orders. That means you email me what you want and when you would like to eat, I'll email you where to send the cheque. When you get there, at the appointed time, I'll have your order ready! Additions or changes to your order after March 16 won't be accepted, sorry. Refunds will be on a case-by-case basis.

I will also have a pre-paid tab system set up on site. Come and see me in the cafe and we'll work it out there.

If there are any bards out there who would like to provide some background, we can work out a deal :)

The evening festivities include a licenced tavern and a buffet-sideboard.

Arts and Sciences at Daffodil 30
This coming Daffodil tournament will be our 30th anniversary. To celebrate this we will be offering our usual A & S competitions, but will be adding some new, interesting and different ones to the mix. Please read below.

Daffodil in Any Medium

This is a classic competition that gives entrants a chance to examine the fun and creativity that can be had with daffodils. The competition is just that - daffodil in any medium. It's time to kick in the creativity and see what you can come up with.

Costuming Competition
It's time to make something small. The competition this year will be to make clothing for a child or a doll. There will be only one level in this competition. The parameters are as follows:

  • Must be a complete period outfit;
  • Must be documented;
  • Must be presented on a small person or a doll during the judging.

Please include your documentation with your entry.

And now for something completely different.
Arts Competition
We are offering an Arts competition this year. The theme for this competition is Spring. Any art that portrays Spring is what we're looking for: costuming, needlework, calligraphy/illumination, wood carving, painting, etc. Any medium you want to work with is fine, but the theme is Spring. As part of your entry, please document your item and explain how it suggests the theme.

Sciences Competition
This year we are also offering a Sciences competition separate from the Arts. The entry must be an invention you created to make a task easier. You may use ideas from various inventors over time, but the invention must be yours alone. This means that you can get inspiration from almost anywhere, but you have to come up with the actual invention. The invention must also be period so using period materials is a definite advantage.

Car Garb
You dress yourself and your children for events. You may even paint your tent or cover your trailer with a painted tarp. Wouldn't it be nice to not have to take your car miles away to be parked? The perfect answer is car garb. How can you hide your car and make it appear part of the atmosphere? Now is the time for you to get inspired and try something new. The garb must be period in that it disguises the car with something period. It does not require any written documentation, but you must explain your garb to the judges as part of the competition. They will want to know what materials you used and how you did what you did. Why did you choose that particular disguise? etc. Have fun with this one. Then you can take this to events and never move your car again.

Yellow Garb
A contest will be held and judged in the evening for the best yellow garb in honour of Daffodil.

Upon the eve of this Daffodil, thee art humbly invited to partake in a round of merriment, flirtation, and dance.

A teaching session will be offered in the afternoon to familiarize gentles with the dance steps and music. An attempt will be made to call steps during the evening dances, permitting that my voice is still audible.

Opening Court at 11:00
Tournaments start at noon.

Directions to Site:
From mainland: Take the best route to the Tssawassen-Swartz Bay ferry to Victoria (20 minutes North of Blaine border crossing). Exit ferry at Swartz Bay, follow Highway 17 south until you reach Mt Newton X Rd. (Waddling Dog). Turn right, pass the Prairie Inn at E Saanich Rd. Take next left, Wallace Dr. Follow Wallace to Stelly's X Rd. Turn right. Site is 1/4 mile on your right.

From Coho ferry: turn left out of ferry terminal, stay on this road - becomes Blanshard St and then Highway 17. Follow to Mt. Newton X Road, follow instruction above (turning LEFT onto Mt Newton.).

From up Island, follow Highway 1 to McKenzie Road, turn left. Take exit on right to Highway 17 (ferries) and follow instructions above. (turning LEFT onto Mt Newton X Rd

For more information contact the autocrat Baron James Llewellyn ap Gruffydd, OP tpilcher@shaw.ca or see the website at members.shaw.ca/daffodil_2007 Location:
Barony of Seagirt (Victoria, British Columbia)