Mists/Cynagua War

Welcome one and all to the glorious battle between the Mists and Cynagua! This two day camping event will include a joint party and BBQ by the large fire pit on Saturday night! Anne Serre will be roasting a whole pig!

Ed Levin Park, Milpitas, CA

This will be a two day camping event! We strongly encourage everyone who can camp, please do so!

Site Fees: $5 per person

How to Get There
Traveling on either Interstate 680 or 880, take the Calaveras Road exit in Milpitas. Drive east towards the foothills along Calaveras Road. Calaveras Road passes through the southern portion of Ed Levin Park. To reach the Youth Camp area, continue along Calaveras Road, past Downing Road, the site will be on our left hand side, watch for the SCA signs. Carpooling is encouraged.

To participate in the pot luck, please bring a dish to pass! Everyone is welcome to party with the Principalities on Saturday night so come on over and introduce yourself!

During the day, a donation dayboard will be offered by Urtatim and Anna Serre! Come on by!

Duke Jade of Starfall
sirjade@hotmail. com

Because Swan-Warriors love to engage that peevish creature called WAR! Let us be a splendid example to the Kingdom and show our Cynaguan chivalry and pride. Let us show all what it means to rally around our war Banner and to fight, sing and revel in grand style.

Bring your households and make plans to set camp for the night. Saturday eve your Royalty is hosting a grand celebration with an open spyte and providing the fresh cooked beast. Please bring a dish to share, an appetite for merriment and a wicked war song to sing!

Until We meet again, We shall see you upon the manor of Ed Levin!

War Scenarios!!!
There will be 6 heavy war scenarios. Four battles will be fought on each scenario, switching sides each time and having archery every other time. Yes, that is 26 battles!

There will also be a boffer war!

Rapier will be on alternating scenarios from the heavy fighting and the Mists Rapier Commander will be Staffan Arffuidsson who will assisted by White Scarf Illadore recently relocated to the Realm!

http://www.phmoms.com/mistscynaguawar Location:
Principality of the Mists (Milpitas, California)