SCA heraldic history found in the West Kingdom

Hirsch reports that Minutes from the Proceedings of the College of Heralds/Arms meeting of February, AS IV (1970) have recently surfaced in the West Kingdom. He believes that the minutes are from the second heralds' meeting of the SCA.

"First, it was discussed how the different members of the College of Heralds may be distinguished at sight. There is in tradition the rule that only the King-at-Arms may wear fur trim to his cloak. But the College does not care for sumptuary laws, and the Lord Laurel King-at-Arms has no objection, so that rule is now no more.

Lady Banner Pursuivant suggested insignia encoding numerals, as, one, a sunburst; two, a crescent; three, a trefoil, four, a cross; five, a pentacle. But this was thought too military. And the Lord Laurel has determined to have made by the Jewelers' Guild certain discs of orichalcum bearing the laurel wreath and the individual titles, viz., Laurel, Clarion, Banner, Greencloak, and Aten. And lesser members of the College shall wear a pin of crossed trumpets.

It was noted that the citizenry of the Society need only look for a green cloak to know that they are dealing with a herald. Moreover, the discs and pins can be worn without the cloaks, to show that one is in the College of Heralds but is off duty."