Newcomers Collegium VII

The Shire of Owl's Nest Proudly Presents Newcomers Collegium VII Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pickett's Mill Battlefield
4432 Mt. Tabor Church Rd.
Dallas, GA 30157

Greetings fair gentles! The Shire of Owl's Nest would like to invite you to a once-a-year event specifically tailored for newer members and for those wishing to learn the basics of the SCA. This year's event is going to have a Roman theme! Lady Elisenda has a sumptuous faire planned for our lunch feast to fit the bill. We hope that you can join us!

Essyllt of Owl's Nest
mka Esther Jenkins

Elisenda de Luna
mka Talina Davis
For food allergies, please contact the feastcrat prior to the event.

Event fee = $5
Lunch feast = $3
Children under 12 = free
Non-member surcharge = $3
Make checks payable to: SCA, Inc./Shire of Owl's Nest
A $3 per vehicle parking fee needs to be paid at the park

Site Opens at 9am

Because the Shire's birthday is April 1, we will be celebrating with a Dessert Revel during the dancing. Please feel free to bring a dessert to share.

From Atlanta take I-75 north to Hwy 92 (exit 277). Turn left onto Hwy 92 from the interstate. The site is on Hwy 92, so follow the signs for Hwy 92 South until you get there.

Turn by turn:
After approximately 0.2 miles, turn RIGHT onto Lake Acworth Dr (Hwy 92). Go approximately 3.6 miles, then turn RIGHT onto US41N (92S joins 41N for a short bit). Drive about 1.4 miles, and turn LEFT onto Dallas Acworth Hwy (GA 92). After another 3.9 miles, turn LEFT on Hiram Acworth Hwy (still 92). About 1.7 miles down Hiram Acworth Hwy, Pickett's Mill will be on the RIGHT. SCA signs will be posted from the first right turn.

**Mapquest users please Note**
If you enter the site address in Mapquest (or any other mapping software), it will direct you to the park main office.

The event is actually one street over at their group shelter. If you end up at the main office, they will be able to tell you how to get to the group shelter.

SCA signs will be posted, so look for the owls.

Alternate Directions:
From I-75, exit at N. Marietta Pkwy (Hwy 120 - Exit 259) Turn towards the WEST (LEFT for those coming from the south). Continue until you reach Whitlock Ave. (Hwy 120). There is a Walgreens on the corner. Turn RIGHT onto Whitlock Ave. towards the North & West. Go 3.3 miles, passing thru 6 traffic lights, passing Marietta High School & the Kennesaw Civil War Memorial Battlefield Park. Just past the Battlefield the road will fork at the 7th traffic light, you need to stay to the right thru the fork (continuing on Hwy 120). The road has just changed names from Whitlock Ave /Hwy 120 to Dallas Highway /Hwy 120. Just keep going straight.

Continue going straight for approx. 7 miles. Go through 13 traffic lights. (Nearly there when you pass WalMart.) Turn RIGHT onto Hiram-Acworth Hwy / Hwy 92 (there are 2 Shell gas-stations catty-corner here). Go 4.5 miles, passing Due West Road (where there's a traffic sign with yellow flashing lights). Turn LEFT into the 2nd road on your left side. There is a large brown sign "Pickett's Mill Battlefield - Family Group Shelter"; and you are here!

NOTE: No signs will be posted along this route.

If you are bringing children to the event and you are not the parent/legal guardian please be advised that you will need 2 forms. Note – both forms MUST be signed by the parent and one signed form must be notarized.

Forms needed:

  • Designated Adult in Charge of Minor Not Accompanied by a Parent/Legal Guardian
  • Medical Authorization for Minors

These are very important forms and canNOT be filled out on site! You WILL BE, regrettably, turned away if these forms are not presented and filled out correctly. Location:
Shire of Owl's Nest (Dallas, Georgia)