Justin and Milica's photos from Masque of Courtly Love

THL Milica of Varna and Maistor Iustinos Tekton called Justin, the Editor-In-Chief and Publisher, respectively, of SCAtoday.net, have published their photo albums from the Masque of Courtly Love event, held in the Midrealm on March 3.

The annual event features, in addition to fighting, fencing, and classes, a Science Fair that invites entries from both adults and youth. The Science Fair, which was first added to Masque in 2006, does not require that the scientific principles be correct by modern standards, but rather that they be correct according to the natural philosophy beliefs of the Middle Ages. "You can be wrong, but be wrong in a period way!"

Justin's photo album contains over 50 photos, while Milica's has over 300. Unfortunately, due to staff responsibilities, neither Milica nor Justin got photos of the martial activities this year.