Bladerunner Chieftain Passes in Gleann Abhann

Vallaulfr Rurikson offers a poetic tribute to recently-fallen THL Edgar Finn, Chieftain of the Bladerunners from Gleann Abhann.

Vallawulf writes:

As I get ready to head for Gulf Wars, I learned last night of these sad tidings. THL Edgar Finn, Chieftain of the Bladerunners, has passed unto Valhalla.

I first met Edgar Finn when he brought some of the Bladerunners to Estrella War last year. There, they comported themselves well, both on the field and off, fighting like demons as part of the Wolfhaven unit, and helping out everyone in our encampment. They were well- received in Grand Court as being from "the lands that other people call Gleann Abhann".

It was my honor to fight beside him again at Gulf Wars last year.

I learned quickly that his name was a reverent whisper, a tired sigh, a shriek of happiness or a curse, depending on who was speaking and when, but to me, Edgar Finn was a great man with a great heart. He was the epitomé of the grizzled old sergeant you depend on when your lives are in danger and reminded me much of the fiery King Theoden from Lord of the Rings.

Although I knew him for only just over a year, and our meetings were few and far between, I am proud to have called him friend and ally. You will be missed, my good man. Bladerunners, please honor your chieftain. Honor his name. His spirit. His heart and soul.

Travel well, Edgar Finn. You are always welcome in my halls and my camp.


by Vallaulfr Rurikson
Edgar Finn has gone, they say,
Dead in lands so far away,
Pierced straight through his great big heart,
Yet this, you know, is but the start.

His spirit lift' by Valkyrie wings,
And as they bear him on, they sing,
Of glorious deeds he's done through time,
Carrying him off to great Gladsheim.

By sacred gate, waits Bragi there,
To welcome Finn with smile fair,
And lead him through the mighty wall,
Where the Einherjar live in Valhöll.

Wake each morn to Gullinkambi's song,
At Idavoll fight all day long,
With warriors who were long ago slain,
For great Odin on Asgard's plain.

Fight ye on, great Edgar Finn,
Fight and feast and dance and grin,
Taste the boar and drink the mead,
For you at Ragnarok the gods shall need.

Your sword and spear are needed there,
And we'll join you not long ere,
To fight and feast in joy and grief,
With the great Bladerunner chief.