Oertha Summer Coronet

On July 20-22, Prince Cyrus and Princess CaitrĂ­ona invite you to journey to the Shire of Hrafnafjordr where we will await the outcome of the Coronet List for the determination of Their Heirs. In honor of His Highness, it will be a Roman-themed Coronet. The chosen site is a secluded lakeside setting with much room for pageantry both large and small. Bring your banners, your Roman 'bling' and your imaginations!

Autocrat team whim will be best Roman hairstyles; His Highness' whim is period garb with documentation; Her Highness' whim will be cream cordials (if you would like a start-up recipe, please contact Her Highness!).

A&S Competitions will be as follows:

  • Fine arts- Illumination (beginning- less than 1 year; intermediate- anyone with more than 1 year experience)
  • Performing Arts- Poems of honor

Soup and Roman rolls will be available to sate weary travelers on Friday evening; Piedpowder house will be serving a fundraiser breakfast on Saturday morning at an additional cost; lunch on Saturday will be a stunning array of light Roman finger foods; and Saturday evening will be a chance to relax at day's end while feast is served. Sunday will see a spread of pickings from the weekend's feasting.

Site info:
While the lake will provide a gorgeous backdrop for our event, it is not part of the site. Parents should be mindful of the whereabouts of their smalls at all times! There is playground equipment available for use, however.

*The site is a cozy Roman camp; therefore it is necessary for EVERYONE attending to RSVP to the head of the setup committee, Gunnar Olfuss, either by e-mail at naked_brewer@hotmail.com as soon as they suspect they will be coming! All those intending to camp, whether in a period pavilion or a mundane tent, must be prepared to give the approximate dimensions. Because of space concerns, carpooling is encouraged, and we need to know if you plan to bring an RV (RV reservations will be subject to an additional $10 parking fee).

Site will open Friday afternoon and close Sunday evening. (more details on exact times later...)

Site fee: $15 for adults (12 and up); $10 for children 6-11; under 6 free; $3 NMS

For more information, please contact the autocrat, Lady Amber of Ravensfjord/ Amber Gardner gardner_honey@hotmail.com

NEW Directions to site: Make your best way to Kenai. Go all the way through Kenai. The site is 2.5 miles past the last stop light.

Expect to be asked to sign in as soon as you arrive at the site (before you leave your car), and then directed to your setup area. Location:
Shire of Hrafnafjordr (Kenai, Alaska)