St. Mathieus 2007

Greetings one and all from the fair shire of Turmstadt. There has been much turmoil and questioning and we now have answers. The answer is, YES! There will be a St. Mathieu's Day Tourney this year and as follows is all the information at this point. The date is set for March 23 - 25.

Hennemann Gasthof
Schloss Strasse 2
96199 Zapfendorf

This is a crash space event. Rooms are available for those not wishing to sleep in crash space by calling: Phone #: +49 (0) 9547261 Frau Werner (German spoken only, for relays and help, call Gabriele)

Site to open on Friday the 23rd at 3pm and to close on Sunday the 25th at 1pm. Any stragglers will be recruited for clean up.

The cost for the weekend will be 15 euro per adult for the weekend. Children 6-12 will be half price (7.50 euro). Children 5 and under will be free. There will be a family cap of no more than 35 euro for the weekend. We will not be offering a member discount sorry for any inconvienience.

In the price is included:
Travelers fare Friday night [for all German semi-bilinguals, like our Seneschale (who wrote this remark herself): this means there is some simple food on Friday night! ;-)], breakfast Saturday and Sunday as well as lunch on Saturday.

Feast Saturday night will be the traditional pot luck we have always had. We request you bring something from the food groups below, depending on the first letter of your mundane last name. If you have a specialty you would like to make please contact the steward of edibles (e.g. in your reservation to Maggie).
A-G meat or main dishes
H-M vegetables, garnishing
N-R bread, cakes
S-Z desserts

If you need special arrangements to re-heat your items please let us know in advance, if at all possible (e.g. in your reservation to Maggie).

There will be the traditional fighting and tourney's as well as *A&S*. Yes folks, this time we are getting crafty! We have the opportunity to bake bread in a traditional oven as well as learn some spinning. These activities will have a fee of 3Euros each for materials. If interested please make a note of it in your reservation.

Site is damp. Drinks will be available to us through the Gasthof or we can bring our own. Smoking will be outside or in the bar downstairs. We will also have the availability of a second building to be loud and ruckus in so that those that want to do so may retire at their leisure.

Route Directions
Thie site is located in a village some 15 km north/east of Bamberg. Find your best way to Bamberg. At the intersection of A 70, A 73 and B173, take B173 towards Lichtenfels Kronach and follow that for about 15 km (it looks like a regular "Autobahn") Take exit Zapfendorf and turn right straight away into Zapfendorf. Follow the road until you hit an intersection with a church to your right and the Train station ahead of you. Take a right there. Continue straight, leaving Zapfendorf and then entering Unterleiterbach In Unterleiterbach take the second right, following the signs to an antique shop in the old castle. You will now see the Gasthof straight ahead of you and are basically already standing on the parking lot.

Find your way to the train station Zapfendorf (Regionalbahn (RB) Bamberg Lichtenfels) and pick up can be made by prior arrangement (with Gabriele).

To make reservations please contact:
Steward of edibles / MOAS:
Lady Magdelena Vane (Jessica Gray)

Please add to your reservation

  • meals you want to reserve for
  • any of the A&S activities you would like to participate in
  • if you wish to bring your speciality which does not fit the scheme we suggested
  • if you need heating facilities for your potluck contributions

For questions concerning the site and shuttle services from train stations:
Lady Gabriele of Turmastadt (Gabriele Page)

For any other issues and last minute requests:
Frowe Solveig gargan Skjaldvarardottir (Doris Rubruck)

We are looking forward to hearing from you and SEEING you at this once again "resurrected" St. Mathieu's! Location:
Shire of Turmstadt (Zapfendorf, Germany)