Winter's Gate Irish Revel

Hear ye! Hear ye! Come one, come all to revel in the splendors of Ireland on our great day of heritage. We invite you all to cast off the cold and dreary white of winter and enjoy the succulent greens of soon-to-arrive spring. The hearth will be warm and fighting will commence before we can all sit down to feast on whatever is left after the table top siege is done. That's right; build and bring your own tabletop (food) siege weapons, decorated either in the style of the Irish defenders or the invading English, Scotts, or Vikings. Remember that the food fight will be held with non-sticky or messy food. Projectiles will be provided.

What: Winter's Gate Irish Revel
Where: Lions McCarthy Camp Hall in North Pole.

Coming from North Pole on Badger Road, turn right onto Peede Road, take an immediate left onto Persinger Road. Follow Persinger until you reach Keeling Road (there is only one way to turn), watch for the Lion's camp signs on the right hand side of the road. SCA signs should also be posted.

When: Saturday March 17th 11am-11pm (aprox.)
Who: You, of course!
Why: Because this is so much more fun than the normal Green beer parties.

For our arts and sciences competition please craft an Irish styled or inspired item in any mode. Also, the person or group with the most green showing in both garb and table setting will be awarded a prize. For those not interested in the lands of Ireland directly, there will be an open brewing competition for both alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverages. For the entertainment of all, the youngsters of our populace should be enticed by the many games and contests of the day to include a three legged race, potato tosses (bean bags), and traditional Irish art. For those nearing paging age (hint, hint…) a contest will be held for on-site work illumination of pieces from the Book of Kells.

The site will open at 11am and feast will be served pot luck style at 6pm. There will be no kitchen available on site (including dishwashing); however plugs will be available for crock pots. Bardic will follow on site at 8pm, and a bonfire will close the evening at 10.

Site fee is $5 for members and $8 for non-members.

The site is wet, so please remember to have responsible escorts available, and to ask if one is needed. We hope to see you out in all your green garbed glory.

Open A&S contest: Irish style/ inspired Item in any mode;
Most Green competition- garb and table settings (all inclusive);
Open Brewing: Non-alcoholic and alcoholic

Food "fight"-table top catapults. Build and bring your own…Viking, Irish, Scottish and English—choose your sides

Kids Stuff:
Younger kids: Games-three legged race, potato toss (beanbags),
Coloring pages (book of Kells)
Older kids: Parchment copies from Book of Kells (illumination)

Potluck: 6pm
Bardic: 8pm
Bonfire: 10pm

For more information you can contact the autocrats, Daithi'(Zack Sherman Location:
Shire of Winter's Gate (North Pole, Alaska)