How to Run a Tourney Ithra

This small Ithra will be held at a private residence in the outskirts of Bellingham, WA. *The land is very soggy and parking will be severely limited--please carpool! There may be a parking lot about a mile away that we can use, and shuttle people back & forth, but plan to share rides!*

This is a small, 1-1/2 track Ithra featuring classes for learning how to manage the various aspects of running a tourney. We will have:

  • How to Run Gate
  • How to do Waterbearing
  • How to be a Heavy Marshall
  • How to be a Constable
  • How to do Field Heraldry
  • How to Run Court
  • How to Run Lists
  • Target Archery Marshalling
  • Basic Camping Ideas
  • How to Run a Tablero Tournament
  • Tourney Kitchens
  • How to be a Pied Piper

Most of these classes are very limited in size, so sign up early! Students may stay for a Saturday feast hosted by the Leaping Weasle Inn (Godith of Goosefoot Mead) for $8 per person. Limited to 30 people.

Online registration: - select Shittimwoode How to Run a Tourney Ithra from the pull-down menu.

Please make checks and money orders payable to: SCA Inc., University of Ithra, Borderlands Location:
Shittimwoode (Bellingham, Washington)