Orlare L’irruzione

Come one and all to the aid of Canale! Citizens of our Shire have had their lands stolen and are being held captive by the Barony of Fettburg. Our only honorable option is WAR. Join our ranks to beat back the insidious creep of Fettburg's encroachment or your lands may be next!

Site Fee is by donation.
Site opens at 9AM.
Armor Inspection at 9:30AM.
Fighting Begins at 10AM and ends at sundown. Scenarios will include Heavy weapons and combat archery.

Directions to Laird Park, Grayson, CA:
From I-5 South (Westley is south of the 580/I-5 interchange) – Take the Ingram Creek Rd exit 441 to Westley 0.2 mi Turn left at Ingram Creek Rd 489 ft 1 min Turn right at Howard Rd 4.4 mi 6 mins Continue on Grayson Rd 3.1 mi 4 mins Turn right 331 ft Slight left 0.1 mi

Autocrat: Signora Eleanora Lucrezia del Fiore (Lauren Flake)

http://war.shireofcanale.org/ Location:
Shire of Canale (Grayson, California)