Break the Back of Winter 17: A Silver Masque

Break the Back of Winter the 17th: A Silver Masque -- A Celebration of spring to come and this year the 25th Anniversary of Skraeling Althing as a Barony!! To take place On March 17th 2007, in the Canton of Greyfells!!

Theme: A Late period Masque. Those who attend are encouraged to wear a mask, and dress in Red, White and/or Silver to commemorate our Barony's anniversary!

Reservations: Please contact Dame Sarra [], or Lord Angus MacKintosh [], in order to reserve for site or Feast

Adults are 8$ for Site and 12$ for Feast.
Children are 4$ for site and 12$ for feast,
Babes in arms(those 2 and under) are free.
A 4$ non- memeber surcharge will apply so please bring you membership card to the Gate!

Feast: Theme: A subtlty Feast. There will be at least on Sublty or Illusion dish with each course. Feast will be prepared by His Excellency Derfel Mallory, with the assitance of Baron Sigfreid and Ladies Lerthen, and Lucia. There is seating for 30. There may be space for more if we are full and more reservations come in At least 2 weeks prior!

Address of Site is 690 Sir John A Macdonald BLVD Kingston Ont

Make your best way to the 401, and head towards Kingston (West from Brockville, Ottawa etc, east Belleville, Toronto etc), until you reach exit 615,(Sir John A Macdonald BLVD exit) Follow Sir John A MacDonald Blvd for 1.8 miles until you see St Margarets United Church on the Right. On the Left will be Loblaws. Parking is behind the Church.

There will be prizes at the end of the day for best masks!

There will be at least 1 hour of dance classes during the day, (from approx 3 until 4) with an official Dance to follow feast. Come honour spring with a lovely partner, and some happy feet!!

There will be a Historical Display prepared by Dame Sarra and Baroness Xristinia, to honour our Barony! Come learn and celebrate the unique wonderment that is Skrael!

Participants are wanted for a Skit competition to take place during feast! The Rules are simple, the skit must be Skrael in theme and be no more than 5 min long. Any number of players allowed, props and accessories are encouraged!! Release your inner thespian! There will be a sign up sheet at Gate on the day, sign the name of your group and you will be performing between courses at feast!! Good luck and have fun!!

There will be a mask making area, for children and adults alike! Come learn about theatrical mask making and get your hands dirty for fun!

A privately run lunch Table will be present, run by Robert the Blue. It's sure to be delicious! There are also numerous places nearby to eat. There is no lunch being served by the event staff.

Martial activities will include Fencing (indoors) and fighting outdoors (barring inclement weather), Activites to begin at 11 with authorizations and be completed by 4.

There is a nursery on site with a crib and numerous toys, there will also be childrens supplies provided for entertainment. I currently have no official person to run the childrens area. Parents are asked to stay with an observe thier children while they are in the childrens area. If anyone would like to volunteer to do a shift as the childrens area supervisor, please contact, remember the more volunteers the merrier(and the shorter each shift will be) Location:
Canton of Greyfells (Kingston, Ontario)