Northshield man building Viking boat

Master Danr Ketilsmiðr of the Kingdom of Northshield reports on progress to construct an authentic Viking Faering using period methods.

Master Danr writes:

Many of you have heard about the Viking Faering that I am building. We have finally posted the pictures of the first two work days. (Click on "original article.")

If you look carefully, you might recognize many of my thralls....I mean...volunteers.

We have had two work days so far. On the first day we split the logs into two board each. We tried to use a chainsaw and found that it was actually faster to use the wedges and sledges. Ingus (with help) Kevin and Justin were able to move the logs off and down the trailer ramp without any one getting run over. Matt Rustad was our primary striker using a 13 pound sledge for several hours without getting tired. Kevin Rustad, Inan, and Justin of Nordskogen, of course, brought tools that we didn't even know that we needed (lots of wedges). Viðy, Inan, and Terran, though not in the pictures, helped to place and pound wedges all around. Justin handled the camera both days, so he is not in the pictures. Antol, Hildra and family showed up the second day to help us cut steps into the stems. Ilya and my friend, Mark Powers, enlarged the pattern from the book, and tranfered it to cardboard. Constanza tried her hand at using an adz as did Niko (with my hand on the adz to make sure he didn't lose a foot.) and my smithing student, Nate showed his saw skills cutting the steps.

I am sure that I forgot someone, so I apologize now. Let me know and I'll post a second letter!

When it comes time to steam bend the planks, Mark gave us an industrial steam generator that he had lying around! :) Thanks Mark

The stems are now cut and drying. In about a week they will be shaped and the brought into the house to dry some more and be carved to their final shape.

On a side note; I recently learned that the parts we made are not called the keelsons ad I thought. I was told tonight that they are called stems.

More pictures as more happens!

Danr Ketilsmiðr
or should I say Danr Faeringsmiðr?