Live News Coverage from Rowany Festival

In the Kingdom of Lochac, Sveinn inn kyrri Grimsson has taken on the ambitious task of bringing news directly from the Rowany Festival to the Web. now features an hourly-updated news feed from the Rowany news web site.

Sveinn inn kyrri Grimsson writes:

This website shall be attempting to cover Festival live for those that cannot make it, as well as to preserve fond memories for those that were there. Starting from the setup weekend, stories should start appearing direct from the site.

If you are onsite and have a hand written story you feel happy about sharing with the rest of Lochac and possibly even the world, then you should look for Sveinn, or one of his web helpers to submit this article to. These people will be wearing a favour or pouch which identifies them as part of the WebPress team.

Stories can be about virtually anything, though we are particularly looking for stories about scheduled parts of Festival. Reports on Tourneys and Wars, or how market day went. Be as creative as you like, or as serious. Reports may be anonymous, or under an alias.

We are also looking for fun stories... a gossip column from the previous night at the tavern. A fashion report, or even just your experience that afternoon, day, evening... Whatever suits your fancy.

For the convenience of our readers, now features a syndicated headline feed, updated every hour, from the Rowany Festival. The newsfeed is turned off by default, but registered users can enable it in their personal preferences easily. Just click on My Account from the top menu bar. Then choose the edit tab from your account. All of the available newsfeed blocks show in this page as checkboxes; just select the ones you prefer, and save the changes.

You can also visit the Rowany Festival news site by clicking on its name from our list of "partner sites" in the right-edge links from