Iron Chef competition at Gulf Wars

Bantiarna Morin inghen Ruairc has announced that the upcoming Gulf Wars XVI will feature an Iron Chef cooking competition.

Iron Chef
Gulf Wars XVI

The fertile lands of the countryside flow with the enemy's blood. You and your companions have been under siege for some time, and your allies have not been able to break through to assuage the needs of the strong fortress. Meanwhile, your supplies are running low. The enemy commander has requested a parlay to entreat you to surrender before he is forced to starve you into submission. You have been commanded by your lord to prepare a dinner for the parlay. You are charged (on short notice) with using what meager supplies you have to fool the enemy into thinking you can hold out indefinitely. In truth, you hope to hold out until your allies can break through with the desperately needed supplies.

The Rules
Limit of 10 teams first come basis. Teams must be registered by 3PM Tuesday, March 13 at the Herbal Pavilion. You may pre-register by contacting Bantiarna Morin inghen Ruairc by March 9th. The registration fee for the siege cooking competition is $24 and must be paid by the close of registration on Tuesday BEFORE you are allowed to compete. The teams will be made up of three to four people. A fourth person may be recruited as a "fetch and carry" person. Please list your team members, and indicate who your captain is. If you wish to name your team it is recommended, although it is not required. An orientation meeting will be held at 4PM at the Herbal Pavilion, Tuesday, for any questions about the competition. Each team will need to pick up a list of ingredients at this meeting. Lots will be drawn to determine starting times for the teams.

Each team will be given a kit that will contain identical basic ingredients as a basis for your feast. The competition begins Wednesday morning.

You may add your own ingredients, within these guidelines:

  • Two fresh herbs or spices (unlimited quantity)
  • Three dried herbs or spices (no more than ¼ ounce each)
  • One fresh vegetable (maximum of 1 lb.)
  • 1 cup of cream or 2 cups of milk or ¼ lb butter
  • unlimited amounts of water

The teams will need to pick up their kits at 30-minute intervals, starting with the first team to cook at 11:30 on Wednesday. The first team must have their meal on the table in Artisan's Row and ready for judging at 3:30. Your "feast" needs to feed a minimum of six people.

There are 100 points to potentially be awarded to each team, with up to 15 bonus points possible.

  • 20 points for using a period recipe(s).
  • (10 bonus points for using multiple recipes from the same time period and country) Documentation required
  • 10 points for complexity/difficulty-combining number of ingredients, different types of preparation.
  • 20 points for workmanship/creativity - quality of the job and the finished product, period techniques, textures and colors correct for the dish, original work based on a period piece,
  • 30 points for aesthetic qualities - flavor, texture, and presentation. and aroma
  • 20 for populace appeal - processional to AR, appearance (not presentation) on the table, overall effect, would they eat this
  • 5 bonus points to be awarded to the team that presents the best bribe to the contest coordinator. Hint-Gaelic

Bain sult as do chuid cócaireacht!

Questions? Please contact Bantiarna Morin inghen Ruairc