Combatants for Outlands Crown Tourney

Balthazar Tegero has posted the list of combatants for the upcoming Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of the Outlands.

Balthazar Tegero writes: Greetings to the list from J. Balthazar Tegero, Lord Chamberlain to Their Royal Majesties.

The following is a list of those people from whom Their Majesties have received a letter of intent to fight in Crown Tournament, which will take place in the Barony of al-Barran on March 10, 2007. They are listed in what I believe to be their order of precedence by fighter. There are 23 potential entrants, by my count. If you have turned in a letter and do not see your name listed here, please contact me off of the list.

Entrant & Consort

  • Duke Olaf Bjornson, KSCA for Mistress Thorhalla Bjarnadottir, MP
  • Duchess Madigan of Kandahar, MP for Duke Hrothger Monomakh, KSCA
  • Duke Bela Kos, KSCA for Lady Anna de Apperleye,CSH
  • Baron Gareth of Gryphon's Nest, KSCA for Baroness Signy von Velden, MP
  • Baron William Flanagan, KSCA for Lady Drahomira von Augsburg, CGP
  • Baron Rhys Afalwin, KSCA for Baroness Aldyth Trefaldwyn, MP
  • Master Adam Stedefast, MP for Lady Gweneth of al-Barran, CSH
  • Sir Bohemond le Sinistre, ML for Lady Rhieinwylydd Cyfeiliog, CSH
  • Baron Juan Balthazar Tegero, MP for Lady Odile Balestra, CSA
  • Baron Roger de Gilbert, KSCA for Baroness Constance Warrock de Winandemere, OSO
  • Sir Mordygan MacGregor, KSCA for Duchess Madigan of Kandahar, MP
  • Sir Chinua al Naran, KSCA for The Honorable Lady Kathws Rusa, OSO
  • Sir William Cameron de Blakstan, KSCA for Mistress Marguerite Dinard, ML
  • The Honorable Lord Corbin de Heather, TIH for Baroness Leah de Montgomerie, MP
  • Baron Charles Robert Blackstone, DWSO for Baroness Anne Bigod, MP
  • The Honorable Lady Kaleriia Andronikova, TIH for Sir Mavrikii Andronikov, KSCA
  • The Honorable Lord Christopher Blackwood, OSO for Lady Kimberly Blackwood, CSA
  • The Honorable Lord Boleslav Ragnarsson, TIH for Lady Astrid Halfdanardottir, CTO
  • The Honorable Lord Lance Armstrong, OFO for Lady Michaela Kunrat, CSH
  • Lord Oliver Mordrake, DSB for The Honorable Lady Seuilla DeCordoba, OSO
  • Lord Nikolaus Von Stahlburg, DSB for Lady Aine inghean Chormaic, CAH
  • Lady Aine inghean Chormaic, CAH for Lord Nikolaus Von Stahlburg, DSB
  • Lord Iohannes Kynith, DSB for Lady Gwentliana filia Iohannes, CAH

Thank you for your attention,


The tournament will take place Match 10, 2007 in the Barony of al-Barran.