Sir Rorry Cennedi New Heir to Ealdormere Throne

Sir Rorry Cennedi, fighting for Mistress Susannah the Unyielding, has won the May 31, 2003 Ealdormere Crown Tournament. Legio Draconis reports that Sir Rorry, fighting for his Lady Mother, Mistress Susannah the Unyielding, defeated Baron Siegfried Brandbeorn, fighting for Lady Isotta Gianfigliazzi, in the finals of Saturday's Crown Tourney.

There were 15 competitors in a round robin tournament. Sir Cennedi lost one bout while Baron Siegfried lost two. The first bout was fought with polearm while the second was with a bastard sword. Sir Cennedi won four straight bouts in the finals to claim victory and become Ealdormere's Prince.

Congratulations to Their Highnesses!