Hrim Schola XI

The Shire of Frosted Hills welcomes you to Hrim Schola XI, our annual schola celebrating the fiber arts. As is custom, classes will be scheduled throughout the day with enough time in between to enjoy Oksana Goncharova's sideboard, shop and schmooze. Merchants are welcome but tables are limited, so please contact the autocrat to reserve tables. Come, teach, learn, eat, shop, enjoy!

Site Details:
The main level of the site is handicapped-accessible, although some of the classrooms are not. If you are concerned about the accessibility of a specific class, please contact the Chancellor as soon as possible to facilitate scheduling.

Site Advisory:
There is absolutely *NO SMOKING* anywhere on school grounds. The site is bone dry. ***Children must NOT be allowed to roam free on the grounds; any caught doing so will be returned to their adults and asked to leave site.*** These rules are the school's, not ours, so we ask for your cooperation.

Dutchess Day School is located just about in the middle of Dutchess County, New York.

From the South (I-84): Take the Taconic State Parkway north to US Route 44. Follow the directions from ***.

From the North (I-90): Take the Taconic State Parkway south to US Route 44. Follow the directions from ***.

NOTE: The Taconic State Parkway is a limited-access parkway restricted to passenger vehicles only. For those of you with commercial plates, US Route 44 travels east/west between US Route 9 (along the Hudson River) and NYS Route 22 (along the NY/CT/MA border). Please feel free to contact the autocrat with any questions concerning How Else To Get Here!

***Proceed east on US Route 44 to the traffic light at the intersection of Routes 44/82/343 in Millbrook. Continue straight through the light onto Route 343 eastbound for approx. 3 miles; Dutchess Day School will be on your left.

Event Website: Classes can be found at:

At-a-Glance Event Information

Dutchess Day School
415 Route 343
Millbrook, NY 12545

Site Opens: 9:30 am
Site Closes: 6:00 pm

Event Fees:
Site : The event is free; any donations to help cover our expenses will be greatly appreciated and warmly thanked!

Feast: There is no feast, but, as always, there is Oksana Goncharova's awesome dayboard! Reservations are requested to better assist us in extimating our needs for the dayboard; we would appreciate hearing from you by March 3rd.

Send Reservations to:

Alistrina de Mann

Other Contact Information:
Schola Chancellor: Thora Sharptooth (Carolyn Priest-Dorman)

Make Checks Payable to: SCA, Inc. -- Shire of Frosted Hills Location:
Shire of Frosted Hills (Millbrook, New York)