Positions open for Estrella XXIV

Master Joseph Walter McFadden, and Mistress Isabeau della Farfalla, Event Coordinators for Estrella War XXIV, have announced that several staff positions for next year's War are still open. They will be accepting application until May 5, 2007.


Greetings from Master Joseph and Mistress Isabeau, Event Coordinators for Estrella War XXIV (2008)!

We are seeking all those interested in helping to put on Estrella War XXIV (Feb 2008), regardless of your Kingdom of residence! Applications for the following positions will be accepted until May 5th, 2007:

  • Motorpool (taking care of vehicles rented by the SCA for EW)
  • Special Needs (attending to the needs of the handicapped during EW)
  • Volunteer (coordinating the volunteers necessary to run EW)
  • A&S Collegium (coordinating classes/instructors for EW)
  • Parking (maximizing the use of the limited parking space at EW)
  • Gatebook (assembling the gatebook for EW)
  • Early Arrival (ensuring those who need to arrive early are all pre-registered and approved)
  • Wedding Coordinator (coordinating weddings/guests at EW)
  • School Tours (coordinating school tours for EW)
  • Period Demos (coordinating period demos for EW)
  • Period Encampment (coordinating the Period Encampment for EW)
  • Artisan Showcase/Laurel's Prize Tourney (coordinating this activity at EW)
  • Royal Liaison (coordinating information/activities for all attending Royals at EW)

If you are interested in any of these positions, even as someone wanting to learn about or help with the area, please send/email a letter indicating that to the EWXXIV Event Coordinators. Please include why you are interested and any related SCA or mundane experience that you would be willing to share with the war effort.

Our thanks in advance for all the hard work that will make Estrella War XXIV a success!

Master Joseph Walter McFadden, OP
Mistress Isabeau della Farfalla, OP

MAIL OR EMAIL APPLICATIONS TO: Joe and Leslie Vaughn, 225 W 1st St #120, Mesa, AZ 85201 or email Mains2008@estrellawar.org