Cellach mac Cormaic Knighted at Midrealm Tournament of Chivalry

At Tournament of Chivalry in the Barony of Fenix on February 17, Their Majesties Bardolph and Brigh invited Duke Edmund of Hertford into Court, where His Grace asked Their Majesties to elevate Cellach mac Cormaic into the ranks of the Order of Chivalry, making him a Knight of the SCA.

Cellach, who had sat his vigil earlier that day, processed into Court with his Lady at his side and surrounded by close friends. Cellach was dressed in white, the traditional color for a vigilant Knight-to-be, and looked the very picture of an earnest young man about to embark on a lifelong journey of chivalric quests.

As is customary in peerage ceremonies, Their Majesties invited the Order of Chivalry into Court, and asked if they considered it a right and proper thing that Cellach should be knighted. They answered with a rousing "Aye!", and so the Herald asked if a Royal Peer would speak on Cellach's behalf. That call was answered by Countess Noelle la Chauciere. Then Duchess Kateryn Bronwen of Gloucester rose to speak as a Companion of the Laurel, extolling Cellach's skill in the gentle arts and sciences. Finally, Baron Ragnarr of Middle Marches brought the words of Baroness Brise Sanguin, who as a Companion of the Pelican sent praise for Cellach's service.

As Cellach knelt before Their Majesties, he was presented with a sword whose lineage includes the Knights who have come from the Barony of Middle Marches. He was given spurs to signify his new status, symbolic of spurring his zeal toward chivalric deeds. A white belt, SCAdian symbol of the Knighthood, was girded about Cellach by Duchess Kateryn and by Cellach's Lady. Finally, His Majesty Bardolph hung upon Cellach's neck a heavy gold chain, symbolizing the bond of fealty Cellach had sworn to the Crown.

At last, His Majesty raised high the ceremonial sword, Oathbinder, and brought it gently down upon each of Cellach's shoulders and finally to his forehead, dubbing him a Knight of the SCA. As Sir Cellach arose at His Majesty's command, Bardolph struck Cellach a sharp dubbing blow to the head, commanding that this should be the last blow the new Knight ever accepted unanswered.

Cellach and his entourage processed out of Court, to the cheers of the populace and into the welcoming ranks of the other Knights and Masters-At-Arms present. Many of the other members of the Order delivered dubbing blows of their own, and Cellach, true to his King's command, left none of them unanswered and returned them with cheerful vigor!

Cellach currently lives in Middle Marches and is Seneschal of Tirnewydd, but members of the Marche of Alderford fondly remember that Alderford, his first SCAdian home village, was where he first took up the sword.

The "original article" link below leads to two extensive photo albums (one by Milica, the other by Justin) from Royal Court, including the knighting of Sir Cellach. This is a slightly-modified version of Justin's article that originally appeared in the Alder Leaf, the newsletter of the Marche of Alderford.