New Peers Made at Estrella

During Estrella War XXIII, TRM Phelan II & Elzbieta II of Atenveldt created several new peers.

Lord Elias Loredan was made a Knight upon the field of battle on Friday. Elias has served as the Barony of Atenveldt's Champion. He also worked nonstop for security at the war. His Majesty and the Chivalry found Elias sometime Thursday working security and put him on vigil on the spot. Elias was squired to His Grace Duke Sir Jonathon von Trotha.

THL Seamus "Padre" McDade was created a Pelican during Atenveldt Kingdom Court on Sunday. Padre has served as a herald for almost every group in the kingdom at some point, as well as helping autocrat events and more.

Sir Donegal Buchanan was created a Laurel during the same court. Donegal was honored for his metalworking skills, primarily in the field of armor. He was apprenticed to HE Baron Sir Johannes von Bruckenheim, O.L.