syndication URL updated

If your web site syndicates the news feed via RSS (XML), or if you read our news via a newsreader program on your personal computer, please note that our correct URL for this has been updated.

This is actually not related to tonight's move to the new (interim) server, except that that move reminded me that we are still getting "hits" on the old news feed URL. The old URL was actually decommissioned some time ago, but we have maintained backward compatibility to give people time to change over.

Since it's been several months since the change, this is your notice that in a few weeks when we move to our new permanent server, we will finally discontinue supporting the old news feed URL at all.

For reference...

Correct URL for RSS (XML) feed
Obsolete URLs for this (obsolete) (obsolete) (obsolete)

Please contact Justin by email if you need assistance updating your system to the new URL. We expect to permanently discontinue the old URLs in late March or early April, perhaps even sooner if our new server configuration goes really well.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but the old URLs have been supported as a courtesy for many months, and it's time to let them go at last.

The "original article" link goes to an "about" page with more information about RSS/XML syndication.