moving to new server

On the evening (U.S. Eastern time) of Wednesday, February 28, will be moving to a new server. Visitors may experience brief interruptions in service, but we'll be back online as quickly as possible. Read on for details...

This is actually step one of a two-phase process. We are ultimately upgrading our existing server to new operating system and software versions, and to be shared with fewer other sites (can you say "faster?"). But to do that, we need to temporarily move onto an intermediate server to avoid an extended outage. This first step will happen Wednesday evening, February 28, beginning at approximately 18:30 US Eastern time (23:30 GMT).

Visitors will probably experience no noticeable outage, but there may be brief service interruptions. The best advice is simply to wait an hour, and try again later that night.

No software or look-and-feel changes are being done in this phase; this is simply a physical relocation of the site to a different server.

Note for Windows users: Some versions of Windows have a bug that causes the system to not recognize when a web site has moved to a new server (the technical explanation is that it caches DNS results indefinitely and does not respect the TTL parameter). If you are still unable to reach by Thursday morning, and you run Windows, you may need to reboot your system to clear this error. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but the problem is not within our control to fix.

Move has been completed

Everything is now up and running on the new server. If you experience problems, please wait at least a couple of hours before reporting them to us, because it is normal for the change to take a little time to propagate.

If you are reading this comment, then you are seeing the new server, because it was never posted on the old one. :-)

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Good Luck!

I hope the move goes smoothly. Darter Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?