Hawkwood's 3rd Baronial Birthday

April 27-29, 2007 As Spring warms the mountains and the sun's tender glow brings forth flowers and the youth of the MacGregor farm, those doggone Viking raiders are on the move again!!!! They want our breeding cattle and sheep! We say NO! and call for all our friends and neighbors to help up defend MacGregor's farm in the well-loved tradition of the TOURNEY OF THE GOLDEN MOON! The Barony of Hawkwood is celebrating its third birthday and all are invited to join us for a weekend of fun and frolic and fighting!

List opens at 10:00; tourneys begin at noon! All tourney entrants are requested to provide one item for the prize chest as their tourney entrance fee.

In addition to the Tourney of the Golden Moon (a timed-team melee raiding scenario), the young of our kingdom will undertake a quest with treasure to be found!

And for those young of heart, but a little more stout, good old Scottish games, including the Hawkwood favorites, full-contact musical chairs and marshalled tug o'war! The defending champion, Lady Marryyn Blackgroves will be called upon to defend her title!

A&S: A&S competitions will be held in the following categories:

  • Best use of Wool -Best use of Wood
  • Leather Armor
  • Poetry/Song - theme: MacGregor's Farm
  • Best Viking braids
  • Viking herb(s)
  • Brewing (beers, wines & cordials)

Site: The site is the Lutheridge Conference Center, 28 Spruce Drive, Arden, N.C. 28704. 828/684-2361 The site is wet. No pets allowed. Parking only in designated areas. Site opens Friday (April 27) at 5:00 pm and closes Sunday (April 29) at 11:00 a.m. There is plenty of tent camping space and there are heated cabins (*Cabin prices are PER NIGHT). Please specify your preference in your reservation. Merchants are welcome, but must contact the Merchant Coordinator.

Ages 6-17/Adults
day trip $4/$7
tent camping $5/$10
cabin camping $7*/$14*
day trip w/feast $10/$13
cabin camping one night w/feast $13*/$20*
cabin camping two nights w/feast $20*/$34*
Children 5 and under are guests of the Barony, but MUST have a reservation if occupying a seat during feast. Feast is sold by SEAT, not age! Non-member adults must add $3 to the above prices. All refund requests must be received IN WRITING within 7 days of the end of the event. The only true reservation is a PAID reservation! Include email address for confirmation.

Reservations: Make checks payable to Barony of Hawkwood/SCA, Inc.

Autocrat: Mistress Rhiannon ui Neill (Beverly Curry) brcurry@bellsouth.net

Feast: A scrumptious and delightful feast will be prepared by Baroness Deirdre Fletcher and Lady Elizabet Sinclair. Dietary concerns should be addressed to deirdref1@aol.com or elleng@mchsi.com. Feast is limited to 100 seats/chairs.

List Field Space/Merchant Coordinator: Merchants welcome! Please contact Lord Melcher Lloyd mljoines@gmail.com to reserve space.

Find your best route to I-26, exit 44, Airport Road exit. Coming from the north/west, turn left at the ramp onto Airport Road; Coming from the south/east, turn right at ramp onto Airport Road. Follow Airport Road until it junctions with Hendersonville Road. Turn right onto Hendersonville Road. The entry to Lutheridge is less than a quarter mile on the right on Hendersonville Road. Signs will be posted (we hope!). Location:
Barony of Hawkwood (Arden, North Carolina)