Borderwinds Court of Love

The annual Borderwinds Court of Love has been overrun by wild Amazon warriors from the cold steppes of the north! Come share challenges and feast with the Lady of Love and Beauty Kathryn Blackhart and her thrall, the Lord Protector Achmere ib’ Tamim at the Montana de Oro Horse Camp, outside of Los Osos, Ca.

With the Amazon theme we are trying to recreate an ancient Scythian nomad camp, but other Amazon themed guests and their retinues are welcome (such as a medieval European’s idea of what an amazon of the Classical Age would be, or other female warrior themes).

This will be a camping event with heavy armored combat and other challenges on Saturday afternoon followed by the Feast (a highly carnivore-centric barbecue) and Court of Love in the evening (the evening’s activities are recommended for mature audiences only). One of the hi-lights of past Courts of Love has been the enforcement of the rules of Courtly Love. With this year’s theme the rules have changed somewhat... (consult the Tarnmist website for more info).

Due to the Amazon theme, only women, or their approved equivalent, i.e. men in Amazon (or other female warrior) drag, are allowed to fight at this event. Men not so inclined should not view this as a hardship but should take this opportunity to show their love for their Lady through their service to her.

As spaces are limited, reservations are required if you are camping (reservations will close when we are full). Parking is also limited, so please carpool. There is only water on site for the horses, people need to bring their own.

As this is an equestrian site, horses are welcome (but please let us know that you are coming!), but there are no equestrian events scheduled. There are trails to ride around the site.

For additional details see the Tarnmist Website at or contact the Autocrat (Achmere).


The site opens at 5 PM on Friday and closes at noon on Sunday

Site fee is:
$15 dollars for members
$18 dollars for non-members.

Make checks payable to SCA, Inc.- Barony of Tarnmist.

Site: Montana de Oro Horse Camp, Group Camp Madrone, 3550 Pecho Valley Road, Los Osos California

Directions: Take HWY 101 to San Luis Obispo, take the Los Osos Valley Road exit to Los Osos. Los Osos Valley Road becomes Pecho Valley Road in a curve to the south. From the curve it’s about 3 miles to the Horse Camp (on the left).

Autocrat: Achmere ib’ Tamim (Tim Tomlinson) Location:
Barony of Tarnmist (Los Osos, California)