Winter issue of "Mead, Meat & More" available

ban-Ollaimh Cinniu ingen Cuthbaid, Editor of Northshield's Mead, Mead & More, has announced that the Winter 2007 issue is now available.

ban-Ollaimh Cinniu ingen Cuthbaid writes

The Winter 2007 issue of Mead, Meat & More is now available for purchase. Current subscribers will receive their issues in the mail within days.

This is an egregiously overdue issue, but worth the wait, I think. Check out the table of contents:

Recipes & Resources:

  • Apician sausages: three examples of reconstructing forced meats of the late Roman Empire -- by Kolbrunna Gisladottir
  • Candied ginger for remembraunce: two versions -- by Johnnae llyn Lewis
  • On the properties of acelga -- by Kudrun the Pilegrim
  • Ypocras and spice -- by Johnnae llyn Lewis (our first beverage article!)
  • Early Irish foods -- by Cinniu ingen Cuthbaid

Of interest:

  • Of modern concern: chicken and salmonella
  • Great news on the Alessio front

My thanks to the wonderful artisans of our Kingdom for these contributions. The spring issue will be delayed and will hopefully be published by April 1; deadline for content is March 15. Get started on your article now!

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