SCA Maids & Valets: Event Employment Exchange

Announcing an SCA email list on to facilitate the matching of employers and employees at events, based on the historic barter system. With the tourney season in full swing (Lillies, Pennsic and Great Western Wars fast approaching, and not too early to be thinking about next Estrella for some of us!), I'd like to remind you of the availability of the email list SCA_Maids_&_Valets.

Do you want to go to an event, but can't afford it? Are you going to an event but need help with the set-up, cooking, the children, or your merchant booth? Then you've come to the right place.

Welcome to SCA Maids and Valets where we try to match up employees and employers.

Come on in, tell us a little about yourself and what you're looking for, we'll try to find a match for you.

This barter system list currently has over 300 members from across the Known World. We are currently experimenting with "Anyone can post" and "public archives," meaning you do not even have to join the list to peruse the postings from Society members available to help out at events, and merchants/households/families looking for assistance at events. Please note this is for SCA event employment only, and not for use by 21st century job posters/seekers.

Safe travels to all,

Visc. Lore de Lorraine, Pel.
(and one of the list moderators)
Barony of TirYsgithr, Kingdom of Atenveldt
(mka Lori Taylor, Tucson Arizona)