Red Hot Rapier IV: What's Your Point?

Get ready for five days of unrated Rapiers Gone Wild tm. Once again the Central regions Rapier bash is back and this time we Plan to daze and confuse you with never before seen Scenarios, unheard of Classes and daring Instructions. We will teach you how to go home as the Fop of the Block and the Skills to keep the title. This shall be one event where fencing has priority.

We don't mind if you bring your Heavy stuff, too, your A&S projects and Whatever else you like. There is more than enough room for all SCA activities. (Oh, yes, if by chance the King and Queen popped in, we will make an exception for them and have a Court...)

We will also feature the notorious Rapier Rugby (tm) again (aka the marshal's nightmare), plus sundry pastimes for those of a less martial nature. So don't even bother to look for an excuse not to come.

As usual, it is recommended that you check the DML or the Shire website before the event for updates.

A food plan will be offered at the cost of 2 euro for breakfast per day, 3 euro for lunch per day or a total of 5 euro per day.

Feast on Saturday will be 8 euro per person. Reservations required in advance.

Dinner arrangements for the rest of the week can be made through the head cook AHEAD of the event for those travelling long distances. Fee to be determined by number of participants.

For Dietary restrictions please contact the Feast Steward

Site fee 15 Euro per person
Children 5 and under free

Included with the site fee is travellers fare on Wednesday night and a breakfast on Sunday. Reservations are appreciated.

Jugendzeltplatz Bug Schleuseninsel (no street address)
Site opens: Wednesday, June 27th, 18:00 h
Site closes: Sunday, July 1st, 14:00 h

Site is handicapped accessible. It's a large campground with limited crash space by prior arrangement, but lots of showers and toilets. The site owners are a bit restrictive regarding pets, so please make arrangements with the steward beforehand. Site is moderately wet.

Route directions:
By car, make your way to A73 between Bamberg and Nurnberg (Southern Germany, that is). At exit "Forchheim Nord", follow the SCA signs, or signs pointing you to "Schleuse" and "Jugendzeltplatz Schleuseninsel". (A map will be available on the shire website soon.)

By public transport, Forchheim is a stop for many trains; the next major airport is Nurnberg. Make appointments with the steward, if possible in advance, and we're going to pick you up.

Event Steward:
Gottfried Kilianus (Martin Page)

Reservation Steward:
Herrin Anna von Silvenhain,

Marshal in Charge:
Baron Agilmar von Sevelingen (Elmar Vogt),

Feast Steward:
Magdelena Vane (Jessica Gray),
Email: Location:
Shire of Turmstadt (Forchheim, Germany)