Mystery Event

It's that time of year again for Arrows' Flights' annual "And now for something completely different" event. This year's mystery is ... Where are the Arrows' Flight Archers?!!! This is to be a great event. There will be fighting of both styles with the criteria for prizes to be announced.

As is tradition (two years now) there will also be a "bad garb" contest with prizes in at least two categories: outrageously awful garb, and mix-and-match garb. So celebrate the end of winter, drag your awful garb out of the back of the closet, and come party with the Shire.

We will also be holding two bag raffles as shire fundraisers. One is a regular fund raiser with traditional bag raffle items. The other is being used as a desperate attempt to rid the Shire of some really, really awful loaner garb. This will be a Reverse Bag Raffle. Everyone who attends the event will have their names placed in the bag to receive a piece of hideous loaner garb. Participants can pay to REMOVE their names from the bag. Other participants can pay to have those names put right back IN to the bag - with no limit as to the number of tickets that can be placed in someone else's name. Any donations for either bag raffle can be given to Lady Ellisif. Any leftover loaner garb will be summarily disposed of by dragging each piece several hundred miles to Uprising War, pulled behind the vehicles making up the Shire Uprising Caravan.

Site: The site is the American Fork Senior Center located at 54 E. Main St. in American Fork, Utah.Site opens at 10:00 am and closes at 11:00 pm and is discreetly damp. Directions:Take your best route to I-15 and exit #278 in American Fork. Turn West. Stay on this road for approximately 1.1 miles. The site is on your right. There is a parking lot behind the Center, but you have to turn in at the business next door. There will be signs at the site.

Site Fees: $5 adults, kid's 6-12 half price, kids 5 and younger are guests of the Shire, Family cap of $15. $3 non-member surcharges apply.

Feast Fees: $7 adults, kids 6-12 half price, kids 5 and younger are guests of the Shire. Prepaid feast reservations are due by March 10, and may be sent to Lady Kadrina. Make checks payable to Arrows' Flight, SCA Inc. Send money to P.O. Box 2105 Provo UT 84603. M'lord Javier is planning a Beowolf-themed feast that sounds wonderful, so plan on pre-registering early for feast because it will be limited.

Site Hours: Site opens at 10:00 am and closes at 11:00 pm and is discreetly damp. Merchants:Merchants are much loved and encouraged to attend. Please contact Lord Ian if you wish to merchant at this event.

Children: We love kids, please bring them (after all this is Arrows' Flight, so overrun with munchkins that we have considered renaming ourselves "Rabbits' Run.") There will be kids' activities.

Volunteers: If you wish to volunteer for anything please contact Ian the Strange. Event Steward
Lord Ian the Strange

Event Alternate Contact
Lady Ellisif Sleggja, Seneschal

The feast is being designed and served by m'lord Javier and his willing and able cook's team. The tentative feast menu is as follows:

Remove One: Hrothgars Hall
Dane Bread and Crenelated Butter with herbs. Barley Stew(potentially with Walnuts if there is enough of an outcry against them they will be removed)
(A Vegetable Dish)
Raspbury Crumble

Second Remove: The Battle of the Dragon
Roast in Dragon Sauce
Armored Turnips
(Undecided Dish)
Golden Apple dumplings

Pre-paid feast reservations are strongly suggested, as the feast is being capped at 75 persons. See above for reservation information. Location:
Shire of Arrows' Flight (American Fork, Utah)