Meridies and Gleann Abhann to host new A & S Faire at Gulf Wars XVI

To increase art activities at Gulf Wars XVI, there will be arts faires other than the 'Champions Battle' between Ansteorra and Trimaris, the Kingdoms of Meridies and Gleann Abhann would like to invite all artisans of the Known World to an Open Arts Faire.

There are two main categories for entries: Static Arts and Performing Arts. The format for the Meridies/Gleann Abhann Faire, open to all, will be a populace choice voting system. Prizes will be awarded for Laurel's Choice Static Arts, Laurel's Choice Performing Arts, Populace Choice Static, Populace Choice Performing Arts, and Novice Prizes awarded by TRMs Meridies and Gleann Abhann. Prizes sponsored by Guilds and individuals for special type entries include: herbal, costuming, 14th c. costuming, textile arts, animal husbandry, and Middle Eastern Dance. For more information, contact Mistress Maudeleyn Godeliva Taillour (Meridies): or Mistress Jennet of Tewkesbury (Gleann Abhann):

Schedule for the Gulf Wars Open A&S Faire hosted by Meridies & Gleann Abhann at Bede Hall Thursday March 15 at Bede Hall:

8:00 -10:00 Entrant registration for Performing Arts, Display & Static Entries. Setup for Static and Display Entries
10:30 Static Display open to the Laurels
11:00 - 3:00 Display open to populace for viewing
11:00 - 3:00 Performing arts presentations, voting encouraged
Noon Laurel's Luncheon – all Laurels are invited
3:00 - 4:00 A&S Social & Winners Announced
4:00 Artisans may pick up their Entries